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Saints sweep Raiders

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Game 1 @ RAI:  Saints 34 Raiders 28

Game was played under technical difficulty as the fps dropped in the 30s.  With the game tied at 28 in the 4th Q, Saints got the JJ interception and looked to be able to score a winning TD.  However, on a 4th and 2in the Raider redzone, two drones came after the QB on a sneak and the lag didn't help any effort to try to evade it.  The Raiders were on borderline FG position but opted to throw deep, and regulation ended with an endzone INT.


Raiders received first and drove but ultimately faced 4th and long, ending their drive with an endzone INT.  Saints hit Craig on a catch and run and finished things off with an Ottis TD.


Raiders outgained the Saints, but the Saints rushed 30-283yds and the passing game was 6/8 with the only incompletions being open drops on R&S pass 4 to the RB.



Game 2 @ N.O:  Saints 28 Raiders 7

Saints were able to get enough lucky bounces in this game to make the final score a bit inflated.  Raiders were driving into Saints territory in the 2nd Q with the game tied but lost a fumble.  Saints didn't capitalize and had to punt to the dangerous Graddy.  The Saints made an INT before the end of the half and went up 14-7.  Saints avoided Graddy with an onside kick with about 20 seconds left.

The Saints had a couple of fumbles go out of bounds while scoring two more TDs on called play divers to Bentley.  Down, by multiple scores, the Raiders had to abandon a running game that was successful on their first drive.


Saints go to 24-12.

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