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GB Gio vs TB Moulds

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Game 1 GB 35 @ TB 10


TB Kicks off. Green Bay fumbles on the 3rd play of the drive and its scooped up and returned for the first defensive TD of our match. GB gets the ball back and with the help of a long jump ball ties it up at 7. TB's next drive results in a field goal. GB gets the ball and is held to a turnover on towns. Tampa gets its play picked at the 20 and a fumble is returned 80 yards for the Green Bay TD as the half runs out. GB up 14-10. Tampa receives and is held to a turnover on downs. GB punches it in. 2 Gill Byrd INTs and 2 more GB touchdowns are how the game ends.


Game 2 TB 14 @ GB 21


Green Bay receives and shortly after their play is picked from midfield. Lawrence Taylor gets to the check down and intercepts it, and of course houses it for TB to go up 7-0. GB gets the ball and after a series of a couple picked plays is forced to punt. TB gets some offense going to about midfield and on a third down the QB runs it and fumbles. It's scooped up by Green Bay and taken in for the TD. We're tied at 2 defensive TDs apiece. Tampa has a chance to end the half but a few picked plays and its tied 7-7. Tampa receives and is forced to punt. Green Bay hits a lucky pass in coverage and then Butts punches it in. 14-7. The Bucs get it back and another picked play on 3rd down are forced to punt. Lawrence Taylor doesn't want to see his team lose so he runs in, gets the sack fumble and Tampa picks it up for the 5th defensive touchdown and ties it up at 14. Green Bay gets it back with 2 minutes left and Marion Butts is  able to get into the end zone after a couple runs and passes and there is only time for the final kickoff.

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