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SD vs SF split

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Kinda forget exactly what happened already but I'lll give it a whirl. Road teams owned. 


Game 1 SD home- First drive I though we desync as reg just stops on a run up the middle but it was his controller acting up. But reg had a couple very nice conversions and a nice TD play. Majik man was connecting with givins early as they have heated up the last few games. Either on my first drive or the next majikes takes on in from about 30 yds out as a blocker bumps off reg and majik manuevers his way for the td. Reg rips off a nice first down run inside the redzone but he fumbles it forward and almost exactly like my madison game vs coco his player recovers instantly but i don't give up the td. On the last play of the half reg goes for the motion run 4 up the middle and i try and dive with my shit LB4 and miss but either reg messed up or his controller acted up as it looked like he had a clear path.


I had a  chance to go up late in the 4thQ but on 4th and 1 tied at 14-14 and run 3 set up I fail and reg also makes a nice dive tackle resulting in a tackle and filed conversion. I force a punt and have a time for a JJ but it bounces harmlessely 10 yards short of the endzone. 


Reg own in OT and my drive gets stuffed as i go for it on 4th and 4. i have him in a 3rd and long but i hope for an overthrow as an open pass gets him in easy FG range. Nope TD. 




Game 2- It was looking bad early as Mcmillan picked off majik and almost took it to the house. Reg scores, He was on control of the game up 14-10 with the ball and then his team and the tecmo gods would not let him win. First a mistap int by blowjob tolliver. Then  a dive by me on a 4th down where it looked like he was well past the first down marker but his RB fumbled and i recovered with a short field. And another fumble late in the game on 4th down in the 4th qtr in  the redzone although i think that would have been a turnover on downs but not sure. Fittingly Givinsstright up dropped a late jj attempt to kill clock. SD punts to end game.

GG's reg. 


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