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Chargers fumbleitis vs Pit

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Game 1- SD away. I probably should have quit this game right away as it was like playing on dialup with the totally lagged kicks. I return an accidental onside? for  TD at some point. Drove down after a stop but on a picked play i complete a pass to my RB but of course he fumbles and its housed 80yds for a td. Lovely.Swamp ties it up with a nice 4th down shotgun jj where i wasn't quit in position. He then promptly recovers an onside kick. Lovely. Not sure if it was intentiional or not. After a few plays I concede a TD in order to try and have some time for a response. Hit a long jj but its amid 3 guys and i can't get free. 

I get to run 10 plays vs his 44. And ping value in the log file was 350. LOL 



Game 2- Fumbleitis continues as I'm about to go up 2 scores but my rb fumbles inside the 5. Recovered by pit. I grind clock on my last drive. On my final pass again around the 5. Jensen fumbles but there was no time left. 


GG's swamp

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