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GB Gio vs PHI Gatez

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Packers sweep


Game 1 GB 21 - PHI 17


Phi receives and methodically drives down the field 7-0. Butts rips off an 85 yarder on the 2nd play for the Pack to tie it up. Two plays later Phi throws the ball 75 yards in the air and Ellard jumps and comes down with it perfectly in the end zone. 14-7 PHI. GB gets it back and Butts fumbles and PHI is held to a FG. Fourcade throws a pick to end the half and Philly is up 10. GB receives and marches down the field to cut the gap to 3. Philly is forced to punt on their next possesion. GB takes it in to go up 4. One last drive for PHI and a turnover on downs.


Game 2 GB 26 - PHI 7


Punts are traded then Butts fumbles for the 2nd game in a row and Philly capitalizes to go up 7-0. Boring first half and I believe it was 7-3 cuz I couldnt get in the end zone at the end of the half and settled for a FG. De Berg gets in bad the entire 2nd half and the Ellard connection doesn't seem to be working as the Packers pull off a few INTs and score 23 in the 2nd half.


GGs the score of the 2nd game was a lot closer than it looks. Had me down 7 and 10 points and both were good games.

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