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Centralia, WA - 06/21/2014 - Pacific Northwest Tecmo Championship 3 (PNWTC3)

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The Pacific Northwest Tecmo Championship III (PNWTC3)

In Which the Johnson Bros., Johnny and Jeremiah, Battle Every Redskin and Bear in the Vicinity, Plus Whatever Else the Tecmo Gods Have in Store for Them, Only to Emerge Victorious in the End, Of Course, Because, Well... they're Johnny and Jeremiah Johnson, beeotches!




DATE: Saturday, June 21

PLACE: Centralia, WA @ Manyo’s

TIME: 11am—8pm


  1. InvaderStar
  2. CallMeFairf
  3. Kamphuna
  4. GripSmoke
  5. SirTed
  6. BoogieWithStu
  7. Manyo
  8. TailbackKing
  9. JumpInJoe
  10. ChalkyWhite
  11. BurnOne
  12. BadBadLeroyBrown


  • 11am—12pm: R1 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 12—1pm: R2 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 1—2pm: R3 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 2—3pm: HALFTIME (lunch, extracurricular)
  • 3—4pm: R4 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 4—5pm: R5 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 5—6pm: R6 Regular Season (best-of-3 series)
  • 6pm+: END OF REGULAR SEASON POWER PARTY (dinner, extracurricular)
  • ~6:30: PLAYOFFS (top-4 in double-elim tournament)
  • ~8pm: finis


  • Format: This Tournament will consist of a Preseason, comprised of Friday night mayhem scrims and general debauchery up until 11am Saturday… then, a Regular Season, comprised of 6 rounds of best-of-three Tecmo Series… and a Playoffs, a double-elimination bracket tournament.  There will be two hour-long breaks for food and extracurricular activity (basketball, football, pickleball, swimming, etc.) as well.  See the schedule below for more details.
  • Preseason: Everyone and anyone is invited to the Preseason Mayhem Especial, Friday night in which the keg is officially tapped and tecmo mayhem ensues.
  • Regular Season: The Regular Season will consist of Six Rounds, with each round consisting of one best-of-3-game series between two players, so about one hour per round.
    • Mayhem Points (MP) System: Players will earn Mayhem Points (MP) based on their performance in each series:
      • EACH WIN: 1 MP
      • SERIES SWEEP: 1 MP
      • SHUTOUT: .5 MP
      • B.S.D. (29+ POINTS SCORED): .5 MP

    • Round 1: The initial Player Matchups will use Manyo's pre-season rankings and match #1 vs. #2, #3 vs. #4, etc.
    • Rounds 2-6: Player Matchups for these rounds will be determined by a Swiss style system (e.g., top players are continuously matched up, #1 vs. #2, etc.), using Mayhem Points to determine order of rank (tiebreakers: h2h, then total point differential, then preseason ranking)… EXCEPT you will not play the same player twice.
    • End of Regular Season: At the conclusion of Round 6, the top 4 players in the Mayhem Points Standings (tiebreakers: h2h, then total point differential, then a single play-in game) will enter into The Playoffs.

  • Playoffs: The Playoffs will consist of a double-elimination bracket tournament (seeded #1—4 based on MP, then total point diff, then preseason ranking), culminating in a Tournament Champion being crowned, and 2nd—4th places.


  • Team Matchups: Team Matchups are determined “Madison-style.” 
    • For the Regular Season, before each 3-game series, flip a coin and the winner must then select the matchup, and the loser either selects the team or controller-side... for the 2nd game, alternate these roles (matchup-call / team-or-controller selection)... and then for Game 3, flip a coin again, and again the winner calls the matchup and the loser selects team or controller-side. 
    • For the Playoffs, before each game flip a coin and as usual winner selects the matchup and the loser selects team or controller-side.
    • NOTE: Unlike Madison, there will be no restriction on what matchups to call, in other words you can call the same matchup every time if you want. 
    • ALSO: If the two players can agree on the teams without any of the above happening, that’s totally okay.

  • No rushing with WR or TE: Here is the breakdown as to who can play what position.  RBs can play RB, WR, or TE, and have no restrictions at these positions.  WRs can play RB, WR, or TE, but they may never run the ball from the running back position, only reverses from the wide receiver position.  TEs may play RB, WR, or TE, but they may never run the ball from the running back position, only reverses from the wide receiver position. 
    • NOTE: Some teams have WRs in the RB2 slot as a default (e.g. WAS and HOU), but those WRs are still not allowed to run the ball. 
    • Please help to educate your opponent as to this rule if you see that he or she does not seem to be aware of its existence.  If someone breaks the rule, call Manyo over to determine what to do next, if necessary.

  • Ties: No such thing as a “tie” in this tournament. If a game ends in a tie after overtime, a new game will begin, and the first player to score ("sudden death") in the new game is the winner.  In this case, players must use the same playbooks as they had in the regulation game.  Also, whoever received the kickoff in the first overtime must kickoff in the 2nd OT (the “new game”).
  • Lurching: To "lurch" is to use one of your defensive linemen to dive in at the very beginning of the play and either sack the QB or tackle the RB before those plays really had a chance to develop. Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL…

When crossing over the line of scrimmage WITHIN the restricted circle (SEE GRAPHIC BELOW) with a DL, before making a play on the ball carrier, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the ball carrier. However, there are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage OUTSIDE the restricted circle."


  • 4th Man Down: Using the LB1 (4th man down) to attempt to block Field Goals or Extra Points WILL be allowed at anytime during this tournament.
  • Coin Toss: Do not skip the coin toss unless both players agree to do so before the game.
  • Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are allowed at any time, in any situation.
  • Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive, or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game.
  • Controllers: Players are not allowed to bring their own controller to use in games.  Nor are they allowed to switch controllers on the machine without prior agreement from both players.  If there is a problem with a controller, notify your opponent AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and if you guys can’t come to a solution on your own, ask Manyo… and again, the earlier in the game the better.  Outside controllers are welcome, but they are not allowed to travel with a player throughout the tournament.
  • Tournament Disputes: Manyo is the tournament referee. He will decide all disputes unless he is a player in the game. If he is, then Kamphuna will resolve the dispute.  If they’re both playing, then someone else will decide, we’ll see.
  • Etiquette: It is suggested that you say good luck before, and good game after each contest.  Above all, remember to have fun, battle hard, and know that the Tecmo Gods WILL play their role in determining your Tecmo fate.

FOOD/DRINK/EXTRA: a propane BBQ will be available, bring your own food and fixins... a pony keg of beer will also be available for a fee... also available: swimming pool, basketball, pickleball, baseball, etc.

FEES/PRIZES: $20 entry fee.  Top 3 will earn PNW medals: gold, silver, bronze.  Payouts for the Top-4 in the tournament will include the following percentages of the total pot (-$40 for the medals):

  • 1st: 50%
  • 2nd: 25%
  • 3rd: 15%
  • 4th: 10%

LIVE STREAM: At least one TV station will be recorded and live-streamed.  If anyone else has a computer (or VCR, AKA mort-style) capable of recording games, feel free to bring it and we’ll hook it up.  LIVE STREAM LINK: see 2nd post below




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Why ain't this thread PINNED????????????


This should be good...Is the invitational gonna be in the DUNGEON???  Where only the greatest of the greatest players from the WEST COAST go????????? 


All I know is I'm gonna wear my Herschel Walker jerzey with my hidden stats Johnny Johnson T hangin' from my belt strap..........

...........with all that greatness on my person, and all that positive ying and yang, I should be able to come away from this Tourney 'THE CHAMP' and have a new medal to hang around my neck!!!!!!!!!

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all I gotta say for now is..... with what I got cooking, this tourney gonna blow the doors off and the windows out of all you've come to expect from yr avg tecmo tourney..... my brothers, I have been to Mecca Madison, and there I did imbibe the Spiritual Essence...... and somewhere within that wild mix of Room #134 and Madtown, I-manyo had a Vision...... and since then I have parlayed and partayed in the style of Mayhem, exploring the fantastic possiblities of life here in tecmo country...... and now returned to the beautiful PNW ready and raring to lay down the gauntlet for this 3rd installment of the ORIGINAL west coast tournament, talking 'bout PNWTC3.......... so start prepping those thumb calluses bros, cuz this tourney gonna be the supreme blend of Mayhem and Madison-style like never seen before......

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HEY RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Callin' out FAIRFIELD or whatever the **** your callin' yourself now........you gonna show up to the REAL Tourney this time???  You gonna prove that beating me by one score is a fluke???  I don't think you can handle PHOENIX.  That's not even $#!t talk, that's the truth.......In that game, the clock was your ONLY friend........I figured out your simple stratagy and you were about to lose...............................................................and you REALLY don't want to see me in a best of 5 series...I got your card, and when I pull it, you just might lose 3 str8.

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Can we institute a 1 beer (5.0 abv or higher) per game played minimum in this? Maybe a side tournament just for alcoholics?


THIS IS the side tournament...... the first clue is us haggling over alcohol before we even know a single detail of the actual "tecmo tournament" itself.  However, there may be a side-side tournament for the Billy Bong Thornton crowd (how else am I supposed to beat kamp?).


and Randy, if you show up I will be sure to hunt down some (ok, one) can of Mike Harder for you to power sip throughout the day.

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Sad to report, upon further examination that I can't make the tournament. Turns out, that's my wedding anniversary or something.


Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling and make something else happen this summer as well. Let me know if the date changes, I'll be there.

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Alllllllll-righty then...... so let's do this on the 21st instead...... unless I hear some objections soon (deadline: Sunday), in which case I'll reconsider my reconsideration, because the 28th is better for me..... but if no objections, then green light for the 21st.

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cool, hey if there's anyone that hasn't posted in this thread, or that I haven't talked to yet in some fashion about this tourney...... LET ME KNOW if yr interested in coming, asap...... post here or send me a PM or e-mail...... like I said, I'm going to cap it at some point, so I'm sort of just gathering a rough list of names now so I can figure out where I should set the cap at..... I sent a PM to randy to see where he's at with this, and gonick is looking into it.

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21st........ PERFECT!!!  Only for the mere fact that there will be a shorter time to wait to whoop on all of ya'll a$$es in my Dungeon Tourney debut!!!!!!


this one won't be in The Dungeon, actually..... it will be a spacious, well-lit room, complete with barbeque, backyard hoops, racquetball, and a lawn at least 40 yards long for foot races...... and a swimming pool...... and space for a tent if anyone needs to crash out........ but mostly just Tecmo, constant Tecmo.

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Manyo, Knobbe, is there a reason this thread isn't PINNED?????????????  I don't know how this computer sh!t works, but it better not be a disrespect thing, or a non aknowlegment thing toward the Great NW by the moderators.

Edited by ~Tailback King~

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WHAT THE FU*%??????????????????????????  Where everybody @.........I can't talk $#!t to myself!?!?!


I got a feelin' I'ma get this Tourney.........and knowin Manyo, it's gonna be live...so on June 21st, tune in, and watch Tailback King and Johnny Johnson beat down the whole West Coast...belie DAT.

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I just learned Eric Metcalf lives in the Seattle area (coaches track at UW)...... never knew.


So we got who from original ROM living in WA?


Dave Wyman

Warren Moon



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