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Saints sweep Jets

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Saints bounce back after losing three straight.


Game 1 @ N.O:  Saints 14-10

Saints opened the game with a big JJ with a linebacker in single coverage on Craig, while the Jets answered with a drive and TD pass to Ironhead.  Saints drove it inside the Jets 5.  Craig took over the rushing duties in good while Ottis was in bad, but Jets guessed at least two plays, including a QB sneak and a run1 to have a goal line stand.

Jets.  Jets avoided the rush to drive for a FG to lead 10-7 at half with ball in 3rd Q.  Jets drove in the 3rd Q and opted to take a FG inside the Saints redzone.  FG was blocked and of course picked up by a Jets player.   Thankfully it wasn't the 81ms kicker and he was tackled short of the first down.  Nothing for the Saints though, as two called plays and a dropped open pass led to a punt for a potential put-away drive for the Jets.  Jets moved the ball inside the Saints 30 but got caught on a Boomer scramble for the fumble.  Saints had to convert a 4th down to set up the winning TD run by Craig.


Game 2 @ JET:  Saints 28-0

Saints drive for a 7-0 lead on Ottis runs and keep Craig in good/excellent as a receiver who went 4-195 and 3TDs, while the Jets QBs (Strom in for bad Boomer) threw 3 INTs.  Saints get the 4th Q skunk.


Saints go to 19-9.

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