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Gio (GB) vs. BGBoud (NO)

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Game 1 -  GB 21 NO 17


Bg jumps out to a 10-0 lead and my offense is looking pitiful. I throw up a prayer at the end of the half and get lucky to close the gap to 7-10. I got most of the breaks in both games. Bg has a last drive down 4 to get the win and a good run ends with about 1 tick left on the clock but time runs out before he can get a play off.


Game 2 - GB 21 NO 10


4 INTs total in this game. Two thrown by each team. Bg gets an INT after a scoreless first quarter. Then just as I was thinking my luck ran out, he goes for it on a 4th down, successfully sneaks past the marker, and then a fumble recovered by GB. I punch it in and NO responds with a field goal before half. After that the INTs are exchanged.


Luck was on my side this battle. Good games and good luck.

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Sucks to end a half and take the conservative FG only to watch the 90 yard bomb to a 31ms receiver.


Also sucks to get screwed out of playing the half thanks to a fumble.


Either way couldn't stop the Butts runs with linebackers or slow drones who never contain.

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