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Bills (red98) /Cards (ones11) Split

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1st Game i won 20-10....1st drive i score after nice rushing from hilliard 7-0...ensuing drive i get a pick-pick on ones first play....cash it in for a fg 10-0...he gets a fg just before half. Cards get the rock at half and throw a pick on called play i think...i get a rushing td to go up 17-3...bills win 20-10.


2nd game..I score after a burner to jordan and a deep cc (garbage)...but ones articulates the ball down the field and ties at 7. He forces me to punt...and i hold him to fg attempt just b4 half...i block it it he scoops for a 1st but atleast the kicker didnt get it so he rekicked it and made it for 10-7 cards lead. he got ball at half and ran it well for 17-7 lead...facing 4 and 10 from 2 yrad line i get a first...then big pass play on a jj (a misclick actually on my part)...i would score on a draw play. down 14-17 but ones ran the clock out to end the game (u gotta goob man,,,i just coudlnt get the fumble lol). ones had 241 yards rushing. cards win 17-14..nice job.


GG gl rest of way

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