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SD vs SEA run attempts record?

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78 total runs in the game to 27 passes. 1940's football for the win. 




SD home vs SEA away fast forward to overtime where seattle gets the ball first. Sea I'm pretty sure is forced to throw one deep after a first down or two. Anderson picks it off but gets drone tackled before he's up to full speed.  A heavy diet of running with a few passes gets SD to the 8 yard line. I probably could have instatapped from there but decided not to. Woods comes in for one more run to get a few yards. MISTAKE. Woods fumbles right near the out of bounds line on a dive but of course it stays in bounds. Seattle recovers. SD coach is smacking forehead. Some ungodly amount of time and 4-5 4th down conversions later SEA sneaks a pass in to the very back of the endzone for the TD. SD answers on their posession converting a 4th and short of their own near midfield to a wide open jensen. And then getting into the endzone fairly easily. 


A near safety on barry run 3 resulted led to another called play and Walls JJ inted the pass. Not risking another fumble. Morten comes in for the instatap doink FG.


SD 28 runs for 224 yards

SEA 50 runs for 181 yards


Barry held to 85 yards on 29 carries.


GG gonick.  


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