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Bloodthirsty_Frank's SNES Super Tecmo Bowl roms for seasons 1994 and up...

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I posted my 1994 rom years ago, but I've been tinkering away these past few years on a few more.  Aside from the usual schedule, playbook, lineup, and attribute changes made to each rom, I'll list some of the more interesting changes below.  Needless to say, the roms improve each year as I got better at creating them.  Expansion teams replace the worst teams in each conference for a given season.  The Giants and Raiders are exempt from being removed, since they are the favorite teams of my friend and I.


1994 rom


Phoenix Cardinals changed to Arizona Cardinals


1995 rom


Los Angeles Raiders changed to Oakland Raiders

Los Angeles Rams changed to the St Louis Rams

New York Jets changed to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Arizona Cardinals changed to Carolina Panthers




1996 rom


New York Jets changed to the Jacksonville Jaguars

New Orleans Saints changed to Carolina Panthers

Cleveland Browns changed to Baltimore Ravens




1997 rom


Indianapolis Colts changed to Jacksonville Jaguars

Chicago Bears changed to Carolina Panthers

Denver Broncos uniform/helmet changed

Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform/helmet changed

Houston Oilers changed to Tennessee Oilers


Tecmo 1997 0000.bmp


Small Helmets.bmp


Feedback and comments are appreciated.  I'm probably not going to re-edit any of these roms, but I would welcome valuable input for future roms.  Thanks for reading and keep enjoying Tecmo Bowl in all its many forms!


SNES 1994-1997.zip

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