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1988 is HERE... I think?

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NO WAIT! I've only made 1 out of 12 of my sigs so far, haven't reported from any of Head Coach Hannibal's legendary smoke-filled pressers yet nor done a lascivious expose on special teams coach Beetlejuice I've got planned.... meanwhile Hollywood hasn't even touched his twitter acct in ages, and there's been no time to set up dramatic tension between DL Coach Mr. T and team pilot Murdoch yet.... AHHHHHHH i thought I had at least 8 more months !!! fuck it, #lewis

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When is the deadline?











Deadline already passed. USFL Leaguewide fail. NOT EVEN ONE GAME IN before deadline.


Oh. and All the games are on the dynastyphile site now... bitches #lewis

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at the risk of hijacking this thread, and taking it on the fucking joyride of its life..... we, the USFL Committee for Punting and OTHER TOPICS (USFL-POT) dutifully report to you this fully complimentary half-season report on USFL Punting Practices and Statistics......


ok, so here are some numbers I just printed from the website....




now, as you can see, about 9 teams have actually taken the hairless dickless step of actually---hahahahaa, REALLY?  no shit?---PUNTING the ball in a USFL game this season...... hahahahaaaa **laughs out loud** #punting #intheUSFL #lewis


The Last 3 Remaining Members of the One and Tru Men's Football Club for USFL include: tonkatecmo, suicideking, and manyo360.... way to roll, boys, way to roll. 


Okay, so your punting leader at the halfway mark is: Z. Andrusyshyn (TB).  Z. is really booming the ball this year, averaging.... WOW! 76.0 yards per punt!!!  Woo-hoooo!  The season record for punt average, 73.3 yards, was actually set by a young buck named Z. Andrusyshyn back in 1986, which actually TIED the record initially set by Rick Partridge in 1985.  Sweet golly, that's two legends of the sport right there.... some HIGH company, indeed, Z.!


So, until next time.... who cares, #lewis



What is the record for most punts in a season?  How many was it?  Who did that?  Why?  What's their problem?  Is there a viagra for tecmo?


























































The USFL record for punts in a season is 21.  It was set at least three times since 1985 by Brian Speelman (1985), Z. Andrusyshyn (1985... a big year for USFL punting), and Sean Landeta (1987).  Dunno... #lewis?  Dunno.  Yes, just ask for "the turbo."


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I'll be on for the next hour or so, USFL... looking for Dukesta x2 (on vacation tho), suicideking, chino, ronkatonkatecmo, and kampoona and his bandit bungholes. #usflmybitches


hit me up on AIM.... tho I might not always be computer-side, I'll check back in ever now and then.

Edited by manyo360

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