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Revising the Large Helmet Template


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Any interest in revising the large helmet template? Very few players use the classic circular shell anymore, choosing instead the more sleek (and protective) Revo Speed. I mocked up what a Revo Speed helmet would look like on the team data screens. I've included the "single stripe" and "Double stripe" large helmet templates. Yea? Nea?


pncgOLH.png syohrOz.pngAmeXgGo.png


The facemask is just a stand-in at this point.

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I remember I was working on the NCAA rom for this year, when I found these:



I am really not a big fan of this NEW HELMET, I liked way more the "OLD-Fashion" helmets. Anyway, I came up with the "REVO Speed" design:



Revo Speed.nes


With some graphic tweaks, you can have all of your Teams to use this Revo Template (like I did with my mod):

post-9389-0-84934000-1408466930_thumb.pnONEFA 2K2 v.14.nes

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I remember I was making my NCAA rom for this year, when I found something like this:

attachicon.giftexas-longhorns-2013-nike-red-river-rivalry-football-uniforms-helmet-26.jpgattachicon.gifNotre-Dame Football-helmet2.jpg


I am really not a big fan of these NEW HELMETS. I liked way more the "OLD-Fashion" helmets but I came up with that design:


This is just the #41 Helmet BG-design, But it looks terribly awful with the 2-stripe design (#40), so I didnt finished the other 3 helmet BGs.


attachicon.gifNew Helmet.nes


But since almost every fucking team uses this helmet now, Maybe you can come up with the other designs as well.

Holy cow that's about 20x better than what I had going. But like you said, it would be very difficult to make that work with the double-stripe helmet.

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Well in the early 90's, every NFL program had the team helmets on them. From 'NFL on NBC' to 'CBS Sports' to 'NFL on FOX' to even 'NFL PRIMETIME(I miss that show)', they all had the generic 2-bar helmet in their graphics. But now nobody uses the helmets except with Cleveland of course. And if you watch 'NFL Live' or any of the 18 billion NCAA and NFL pregame shows, they all have the new Revo Speed helmets of the two teams in the front of the set or all 32 teams in the background, plus on the graphics they just use really fancy and crazy versions of the normal logos. Even in REAL LIFE everyone who plays football at our high school wants the Revo helmets even though in person theyre sorta ugly in my opinion. But I like it. But the Revo style doesnt work for an NFL ROM dont use those but in an NCAA ROM those are PERFECT.

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How do I take the large helmet picture away? I'm making a mod of my high school teams ariund my area and dont want to mess with the large helmets I actually just want that spot blank. But those new style that y'all are doing look really awesome!!! Good job!!!


The easiest way to get rid off the helmets, is to match each team's palette with the background (make every color from those palettes black = 0F). To do so, just input "0F" from offset: x23D79 to offset x23E58. (that will take care of the first 28 teams).


If you are using a 32 teams rom, input "0F" from offset: x23FF0 to x2400F. (that will turn every color of those palettes to black):


After that you will see this has happened with your Team Data screen:


The "TM" will still be there, BUT You dont want to mess up with that palette, so you will have to remove that mark "graphically" (using a Tile editor program). If you have used a Tile editor before, you probably know where the Big helmets are stored inside the rom's graphic data:


Remove those tiles (delete them or cut them away) and save your rom. Now all you will see on Team Data menu is a black area, that has replaced the original Helmet templates (including the match-up screen at the start of every game):



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