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Best Player Nicknames

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This is an offshoot of Bolt's "Best Player Names" thread.  Bolt recently added Thurman Thomas to the list, and I immediately thought of his nickname the "Thurmanator". 



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The Dolphins play the Lions next season, and if Miami resigns Brent Grimes (they better!), the matchup will feature:



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Love the Rifleman.


Personally though, I've always felt the best sports nickname of all-time was Vinny "The Microwave" Johnson. He was the 6th man for those great Pistons teams of the 80's. He was a great scorer, who could come into the game hot, hence the Microwave.


Sounds cool. makes sense. Winner.


Who else?

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I'll try to do it by team from memory. I'm sticking to individual players here, so the Fun Bunch won't be making an appearance.

Buffalo: Cookie Gilchrist
Miami: Zonk
NY Jets: Broadway Joe (shitty passer, great name)
New England: Sugar Bear Hamilton
Baltimore: good nicknames didn't exist after 1995
Cincinnati: Boobie Clark
Cleveland: Turkey Jones
Pittsburgh: Mean Joe Greene
Houston: See Baltimore
Indianapolis: Mad Dog Mike Curtis
Jacksonville: See Houston
Tennessee: The Tyler Rose
Denver: Can't think of any
Kansas City: Nigerian Nightmare
Oakland: So many to choose from, but I'm partial to Dr. Death, Skip Thomas
San Diego: Bambi (Lance Alworth)
Dallas: Many good ones, but you gotta go with Roger the Dodger, Captain Comeback, Captain America, or whatever you like to call him.
Philadelphia: Concrete Charlie
NY Giants: LT, Uncle Randy
Washington: Some great ones, but hard to beat The Diesel
Chicago: So many it's hard to choose, so I'll go with the greatest Bear of them all - Papa Bear George Halas
Detroit: Alex Karras, The Mad Duck
Green Bay: Another toughie, but how can you go wrong with Frank Winters, the Ol' Bag of Donuts
Minnesota: Bill Boom-Boom Brown
Atlanta: Tommy Nobis, Mr. Falcon
Carolina: see Baltimore
New Orleans: but Ironhead!
Tampa Bay: Can't think of any

Arizona: Night Train Lane (kinda cheating, since I always think of him as a Lion, but I couldn't think of anyone else)

San Francisco: Hacksaw Reynolds
St. Louis: Also had Hacksaw, but I'll say Crazy Legs Hirsch
Seattle: Can't think of any

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Nice list, DF.  To help out JAX I'll add the "Natrone Bomb".  Although the nickname originated in San Diego, Means did play for JAX.


I'm not sure if Rod Smart was "He Hate Me" before the XFL, but he did play for CAR.


To help out BAL, I will go with one of our Tecmo nicknames, "The Duck", for Trent Dilfer.


For Denver, you could go with "The Beast" for Brandon Marshall, as coined by Ron Jaworski, and speaking of Ron Jaworski, "Jaws" is a pretty cool nickname. 


Seattle:  Our very own "Sgt. Largent" aka "Largent than Life".




Speaking of the "Fun Bunch" my next thread was going to be team-group nicknames.


I'd also like to give a shout out to the "Microwave"- great nickname.

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How about The Ismail Bros.:  Rocket and Missile.


The Bills fans loved this one for a hot minute:  Ryan "Fitzmagic".  Some crazy Bills fan even did a song concerning this nickname.


"The Blonde Bomber", Terry Bradshaw.


Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"


"The Diesel", John Riggins.  Rev up that Diesel, wommp! 


....and I'm spent

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One of his certified nicknames was "Natrone Bomb".  It's not a stretch at all:  "Neutron bomb" versus "Natrone Bomb".  It's right on....

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I remember there was a guy who had like a Geocities page in the late-90s about TSB III that was all dedicated to Jeremy "Toast" Lincoln of the Bears.  Funny as hell, but long gone it seems.


Can't forget that I forgot the Ice Cube.  Also, if you're talking about the Oilers, Dr. Doom Robert Brazile and Billy White Shoes Johnson are pretty good ones.


But how many times do I have to tell you guys - good nicknames didn't happen after 1995!  Also, anything Chris Berman invented doesn't count, nor do nicknames you make for yourself!

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Some teams are just loaded: 


Dallas has a lot, of course: TooTall Jones, Hollywood Henderson, Bullet Bob Hayes, the Manster (Randy White) Mr. Cowboy, Bob Lilly, Original 88 (Drew Pearson) and The Playmaker, Michael Irvin (think someone mentioned him). 


Chicago has a lot, too.  Iron Mike Ditka, Mongo (Steve McMichael), The Kansas Comet (Gayle Sayers), Bronko Nagurski (real name was Branislavus or something like that), just to name a few


But Oakland has to be the champs.  I am still partial to Dr. Death, but there was the Assassin, the Mad Stork (Ted Hendricks), the Mad Bomber (Daryle Lamonica), Lester the Molester Hayes, Uptown Gene Upshaw, Tooz

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