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Had my First Tecmo Related Dream

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This is all true and very weird 


Fairf and Manyo (don't know what Manyo looks like so my dream made him a young unshaven Dustin Hoffman)


drove all the way from Washington to MN to deliver me a stack of Tecmo Magazines (they looked like those old Becket card value mags)



Upon meeting at an on/off sale bar liquor store.  Manyo opens a Miller Clear Beer out of a case, spits it out and puts it back on the shelf



Employee see this and tells him "that's $15 for that  beer"  Manyo refuses to pay after a lot of arguing and scurries out of the establishment.  Leaving me to pay the tab.


That's it, never knew if I ever got the Tecmo Becket Mags.





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a vision of the future, perhaps (#tecmoX)..... I can see all this happening to myself, except the part where I "scurry" out the door... I'll need to remember to STOMP THE MOFO TERRA and leave my manyo mark in their minds forever in a glorious golden exit for all time's sake... or improvise some such.

and i'll start growing my avatar stache again for madison so i dont disconnect the image y'all have of me.

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man, i had a dream last night involving gats and randy..... actually it was about a website gats created which had randy qualities: it allowed paid subscribers ("haters") to find quick links to all of gats posts so they could hate on him quickly and efficiently..... dont take wrong way gats, i dont hate u at all.... but randy, you might want to consider making money on such a site..... ha..... ha.

thats all i remember from it

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No one really has a job here!


Who are we kidding, we are just a bunch of 12-15 year old boys posing as adults with real life jobs, families, and friends. 


J3ff, forget these puritans..... join The Renegades, we got a team for ya, ready to roll a new season soon.... msg me for details if interested, it's up your alley.

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