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Hanging up the cleats after this season

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To my HSTL brothers,


Unfortunately after the conclusion of this season I need to temporarily retire from HSTL.  I need to focus on my career and family.  I just don't have the time to keep up with the 5 leagues that I'm currently in anymore.  I feel that I have held up the league on several occasions and try as I might to schedule times it just seems to get harder and harder.  I stayed up until 3am the other night trying to catch up and although I was able to get a few games played in various leagues including HSTL, it's just something that I can't do anymore without it affecting other aspects of my life.  Once I get my stuff in order I will try to make a return as HSTL is a league I really enjoy.  Thanks to all for making this league successful and I will be back again someday.

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Sorry to see you go.  


Tecmo is such a great hobby but Scheduling games is a pain in the butt.  Could not imagine 5 leagues, I have found my happy tecmo place with 2 leagues, anything more it turns into a chore trying to schedule.


Hope to see you back soon.

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