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1988 USFL Live Draft

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Oh and Order.


Originally Drummer was going to be joining us but he will not due to personal reasons.


I'm pretty sure I have a bead on who to take over, but for now I'll just share with you the initial thoughts, and then we'll adjust. Since Drummer was gonna be top seed, I'm obviously gonna rethink that. Prob goes to Suicide since he's a returning owner. I'm open to suggestions.


Here's the initial order.


1. New Orleans Breakers (suicideking81)

2. Denver Gold (timbone666)

3. Michigan Panthers (tonkatecmo)

4. Birmingham Stallions (degeorge will be drafting) (Oklahoma)

5. Memphis Showboats (Stalltalk will be drafting for ChinoPino)

6. Chicago Blitz (diazzhole)

7. LA  Express (manyo360)

8. Arizona Wranglers (baxterbear12) (i'll pick with help for bax, shake n bake)

9. Houston Gamblers (dukesta151)

10. Oakland Invaders (jfagundes04)

11. Tampa Bay Bandits (kamphuna8)

12. Oklahoma Outlaws (canes r fo real)

We'll roll with the above fixed order for tonight

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I was always under the assumption that this is indeed the PRACTICE draft that were doing right????


The real draft is scheduled after 2-3 of these practice drafts for around October 2015 if my math's correct?


anyway, good luck in the practice draft boys!....Kamps steal in RD1 likely to go top 3 in the 2 and 3 practice runs :)

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Let's roll out the rest of the draft here. I can't be on aim today. Yall can carry it out on aim, but please post the picks here and I'll update the DB.


Last pick was mine, I picked RB Mel Gray (and WT Scott Fitzkee on the way back, since Larry done with all WTs)

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