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Seattle, WA - 04/12/14 - Pac-Rim Tecmo II

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WHAT : The Second Annual Pacific Rim Tecmo Championship!!


WHEN : Saturday, April 12th 2014 at 11:00am


WHERE : The Magnolia Village Pub (3221 West McGraw Street, Seattle, Washington 98199)


FEE: $20


PNW Tecmo is BACK and better than ever!!



Will Fairfield be there to defend his Pac-Rim title?


Kamp will be looking to assert himself as the NEW PNW King after taking home a tournament win in June.


Will we finally see the Manyo v. Fairf match-up we've all been waiting for?


Will Johnny Johnson play above his stats?


All these questions will be answered in an afternoon of camaraderie and great competition.


There will be food and drink specials throughout for participants, fans and onlookers.

FORMAT: TBD - but expect something close to last year.


Game Play Rules: Madison. Not sure yet on how team selection will work, but nothing too far outside the norm.

Equipment: Let me know what you have that you'd be willing to make available. Not sure what all is needed yet as I have a decent stock of carts, consoles and tv's.


Changes from last year:  All money collected (after minor costs are covered) will go to the top finishers. There will be t-shirts and posters this year, but they will be available upon request only - to improve the quality. I should have proofs up in the coming weeks.



HOW TO REGISTER : In order to register for the tourney, simply send an email to [email protected] indicating you're planning on being there.


Also please visit our event page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/588742847877193/


Feel free to hit me up with any questions. I'm sure I've missed something.

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Here we go!!!  I will buy a T~shirt if it's Johnny Johnson diving head first over the Space Needle!!!!!  Kamp and Manyo, you guy's are gonna have a BUSY Tecmo year.......I wish you guys luck in MADISON, but not in this one!!!  Manyo, I hope you ain't too shell shocked from the cheese state to take another a$$ whoopin from me in April...I look forward to playin you for the 1st time...........And Kamp, you KNOW I owe you one...this time you won't be able to snatch a lucky victory with Michael Irvin catchin' the ball in tripple coverage...The Tecmo gods only grant you one of those!!! ....................Oh yeah, I didn't forget about you TED.  Your the only one to hold Johnny Johnson to under 100 yrds...(that will never happen again) ...You WILL get yo payback.    

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i want to hear the story of how your email came to be [email protected]

and then.... the onside kick that wasn't !!!

Yes, I had an opportunity to try an onside kick against Randy but instead of executing it well, I ended up kicking it deep (which was incidentally my best deep kick of the day). I guess that's what I get for not having practiced on a console beforehand. But, Randy was so impressed with my play that he gave me a callmefairf.com email address and a one-year subscription to Randy's Tecmo School. Although my level of play is still the same, I can now menu tap with the best of them when something goes wrong, and I have five pages of stock phrases like "giGGles" and "do you cc what I cc?"

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Sounds like a perfect job for PNW commissioner Manyo.

well hells bells, if i'd known i was commish i'd have asked them last week when i saw them doing pregame radio at the hawks game.... almost did anyway, but then remembered how many seahawks brownies i'd consumed and thought better of trying to speak english.

i think wyman might do it, i'll give him a ring.

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Turbo Huna???  Did someone kidnap you and steal your name???  :)

I got called out for turboing with my insane desire to win at all costs (not that I think anyone really thinks I turbo) I'll change it back once the flames die out... Just another day of fighting crazy with crazy...

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