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Tecmo super bowl 2012-13(Competitive Playbook)

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After watching the 2012-2013 season I took it upon myself to recreate that season because of the personnel and state of the league.  There are many reasons i made this game and here they are in a list.

   - Ray Lewis' last stand

   - 3 rookie quarterbacks made it to the playoffs, (never been done in NFL history: Robert griffin III, Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck)

   - First time the NFL has had multiple mobile quarterbacks (Robert griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, Michael Vick, even Aaron Rodgers on a good day)

   - Peyton Manning's first season back from mutiple neck surgeries and now with the broncos

   - J.J. Watt recording 20 sacks but most unbelievably 20 PASS DEFLECTIONS

   - Adrian Peterson's almost record breaking season in a "Passing League"

That about sums up my Football reasons for releasing this rom,


Hacks Applied to this rom

   - Kick off distance hack for COM

   - Touch back kickoff hack

   - Must have overtime Winner hack

   - Clock countdown rate changed from default 20 to 23 (clock ticks slower)

   - Press start for timeout hack(once tackled)

   - Press start for Lob-pass hack

If there is any debate about the passing speed of the Qb's these are the throwing power ratings for madden 12-13 Below
matthew stafford 99                                                     matt ryan 89
Jay cutler 98                                                                philip rivers 88
Ryan Mallett 98                                                           Thaddeus Lewis 88
aaron rodgers 97                                                        mark sanchez 88
cam newton 97                                                            sam bradford 88
michael vick 97                                                            matt shaub 88
Josh Freeman 97                                                        David Carr 88
tom brady 96                                                               Charlie WHITEHURST 88
John Skelton 96                                                           alex smith 87
Brock OSWEILER 96                                                   Kevin Kolb 87
Tarvaris Jackson 95                                                     tim Tebow 87
robert griffin III 95                                                        Drew Stanton 86
Jake Locker 95                                                            T.J. yates 86
Derek Anderson 95                                                     matt hasselbeck 86
joe flacco 95                                                                matt moore 86
Ben ROETHLISBRGER 94                                           andy dalton 86
brandon weeden 93                                                     Brady Quinn 86
carson palmer 93                                                         Luke McCown 85
Chad Henne 93                                                            matt cassel 85
Byron Leftwich 93                                                         kyle orton 84
andrew luck 92                                                             Kirk Cousins 84
Tyrod Taylor 92                                                            Christian Ponder 84
Colin Kaepernick 92                                                     Matt Leinart 83
Nick Foles 92                                                               Chase Daniel 83
Russell Wilson 91                                                         Ryan fitzpatrick 82
jason campbell 91                                                        Matt flynn 82
ryan Tannehill 90                                                          Austin Davis 81
blaine Gabbert 90                                                        Dan Orlovsky 79
eli manning 90                                                              Shaun Hill 79
peyton manning 90                                                       Graham Harrell 78
tony romo 90
drew brees 89
Joe Webb 89


Finally the biggest reason for releasing this rom is Custom Competitive playbook

I removed all pre-snap motion and joined/added formation's and plays for competitive man vs man play.


There are 2 versions MAN vs MAN and MAN vs COM The difference in the 2 roms is the Kickoff Length

When you play a friend play the MAN vs MAN romTecmo Super Bowl 2012-13 MVM.nes
When you play a season vs COM play the MAN vs COM romTecmo Super Bowl 2012-13 MVC.nes

After playing the rom for a few months I've gotten better with the play editor and changed a few plays and expanded a few formations

Also put together a better way to present the plays so that you can understand.  Take a look below







**Special thanks to quince3800 for all the particular adjustments on every little hack
**Bruddog for all the different hacks he's invented that are in these roms

Edited by wtz0r

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