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Des Moines, IA - 05/17/2014 - 2nd Annual Tourney

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I think it's Ira M. if I'm not mistaken, and yes he rolls with those guys.  Pretty sure I played him last year in DesMoines and he's played in Lincoln before if it's the guy I'm thinking of.


Lol...that makes sense.  Good on Ira!  Yup, he's been up in Lincoln before.

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I think it's Ira M. if I'm not mistaken, and yes he rolls with those guys.  Pretty sure I played him last year in DesMoines and he's played in Lincoln before if it's the guy I'm thinking of.

Yes, I finally called him "Ira" this year after 2 years of calling him "Iram"  lol 

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Congrats to ira from k.c. ....I remember his gunslinger style from when I played him tecmo8.

He played my brother in Lincoln in the first ever tourney I attended a few years ago and I couldn't believe he would never punt.  Maybe he does now, but he didn't used too.  

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Ira Loves his Chiefs and he called them all over the day. He plays really great defense and i mean great. He basicallly shut me out in our games we played. He didnt do any crazy play calling like going for it every time, he played pretty "normal." He is really smart at playing, he kept me off on his play calling all game and he was in my playbook both games also. He had drive after drive against art of dink and dunk and fourth down conversions in the title game that were really good.

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I think Ira has adjusted his style quite a bit based on competition.  i think he was used to not playing consistently strong players as you see in these tourneys, where you can go for it and be successful.  Now he adjusts the play.  Played very well all day long.

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Another great tourney this past year. I think top to bottom this tourney was more competitive overall. There was only one player (Tom B) who made it out of pool play undefeated. All the pools had multiple 3 and 4 game winners so it all spread out evenly.

Pool 1- Tom B won this pool going 5-0 and claiming the number one seed heading into the bracket. After tom there were three teams that went 3-2 so that shows this pool was very even. Past champ Jeremy (Hawkeye98) went 3-2 . I might add that he lost to 8bit and Cory S with the same matchup being Rams vs Chiefs. Both times Jeremy was the Rams. Cory s and Kris K also made it to 3-2 records in pool play. Kevin D went a disappointing 1-4 but made some noise in the bracket before narrowly losing to Jeremy on a last second JJ.

Pool 2- Everyone lost a game in pool 2. Ira was able to win this pool going 4-1 only losing to Kramer K in a lopsided loss. Other than that Ira was able to steam roll Justin and Tony and Jerry the only other persons in pool 2 with a winning record all going 3-2.  Justin, Tony and Jerry all limped to 3-2 records after that with Justin E and Kramer each collecting 1-4 records.

Pool 3- Pool 3 also was very even with Luke winning the pool at 4-1 Pat S coming in second at 4-1 but less of a point differential than art by 11 points. And then Tim H and Jake D coming in with 3 wins each. Luke lost his only Game to Tim H in a close cinci vs chiefs. He fell 19-14 in that game. Pats only loss was to Luke a 35-7 blow out. Travis r won one game but all his game was pretty close accept one I think. If a ball bounces another way here and there who knows what happens.

Here are the rankings from pool play:


 Here are the seeds after pool play:


1.Tom B 

2.Luke C.

3.Pat Schroder 


5.Jerry G

6.Jake D.

7.Justin P

8.Kris K

9.Jeremy S

10.Cory S 

11.Tony J 

12.Tim H 


14.Kramer K

15.Justin E  

16.Kevin D


18.David S




18 man double elimination Tourney:


1st round winners: With 18 players there started with 2 sort of play in games which saw Kevin D and Justin E  move on to the 2nd round of games which consisted of 8 games.


2nd round winners: Tom B was able to take care of Kevin D, Jeremy beat Kris K 14-7, Iram took care of Travis 24-17, Jerry Defeated Tim H, Luke Beat Justin E, Justin P beat Cory S, Pat took care of Kramer and Tony J took care of Jake D. Jeremy and Tony J were the only ones  who were the lower seed and won their games. I might add that Justin P beat Cory S on a very lucky blocked pass that fell out of bounce in the endzone that resulted in a safety.  For the


3rd round winners: Third round had Tom B defeating Jeremy handily, Iram beating Jerry by a close score of 13-7, Justin P defeating Luke 24-14 and Tony J beating Pat S 24-17.


4th round winners: Down to the final 4 of the winners bracket Ira was able to beat Tom 21-20 and the difference in the game was a blocked extra point by derrick Thomas. I believe also that Ira had a jj touchdown at the buzzer to win also. either way it was a crazy game. Justin was able to take out Tony due to a fumble… accidental onside kick that he recovered and an excellent Okoye that ripped the defense for 9 carries and 180 yards.

Finals Winner bracket: Justin Called matchup of NE vs SEA and ira took Sea. Ira was in cruise control even after an early pick and fumble that yielded no points for Justin. Down 10-0 in the 2nd half Justin was able to get a fg and TD to tie the game with 1 minute to go but Ira got a jj that put him in fg range and was able to knock the winner through to advance to the finals.


1st round Losers bracket: Jake d and David S were able to win the first round games of the loser’s bracket.


2nd round loser’s bracket: Jake d was able to eliminate Kramer K 17-10, Justin E narrowly beat Cory S 14-13, Travis beat David s 35-7 and Kris K was able to knock out Kevin D.


3rd round loser’s bracket: Jake D took out jerry to advance, Jeremy defeated Justin E 30-7, Travis knocked out pat s 24-17 and Luke beat Kris K to move on.


4th round loser’s bracket: Jeremy was able to get a jj touchdown at the buzzer to defeat Jake D and Luke was able to win in overtime against Travis to move on.


5th round loser’s bracket: Tony J was able to take out Jeremy and Luke took out Tom b in I believe another overtime game.


6th round loser’s bracket: Tony j and Luke played for the right to play Justin P in the loser’s bracket final. Luke was able to win a close game over tony 17-14.


7th round loser bracket championship: Luke smoked Justin 17-0…


Championship game: Luke was able to handle Ira in the first game 20-3 in a den vs sd matchup


Championship game 2: for all the marbles ira called his favorite matchup (one he said he would have called against Justin in the winners bracket final) NYG vs KC. Luke of course took the Giants and Ira was able to grind and grind and grind all game, he did a good job of play calling and was able to get some huge drives late to win. But the difference maker I believe was Luke as about about the 35-40 and it was third and long, he  did a  pass and the pressure was heavy and he just got it off deep to a wide open Mark Ingram who was right at the endzone pass was perfect, right on stride but somehow Ingram just dropped it… so that forced Ingram to punt.  I checked it out on http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/587686-tecmo-super-bowl/faqs/44195 and there is a 4 percent chance of Ingram dropping that pass… if he was in bad it goes to about 5% chance that he drops that pass…. But he did and Luke had to punt and KC drove and dinked and dunked it down and won that game and the championship! Even he did get lucky on that dropped pass he still had to do something with the ball and he had a masterful drive resulting in a TD. Great Tourney by IRA he defiantly deserved it.

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Here is a list of the full 18 man double elimination bracket with the teams listed:



Winners Round 1

Kevin D Def Excell   

Justin E Def David S      

Winners Round 2

Tom B def Kevin D Cle-34 vs GB-21

Jeremy S Def Kris K SD-14 vs Den-7

Ira Def Travis Buf-24 vs KC-17

Jerry Def Tim H Phi-21 vs Hou-17

Luke Def Justin E Mia-24 vs KC-10

Justin P Def Cory ST B-16 vs Minn-14

Pat S Def Kramer K Phi-21 vs Hou-14

Tony J Def Jake D NYJ-17 vs Pitt-3    

Winners Round 3

Tom B Def Jeremy SDal 14 vs Atl-10

Ira Def Jerry Mia-13 vs SD-7

Justin P Def Luke Den-24 vs Wash-14

Tony J Def Pat S Dal-24 vs Phx-17    

Winners Round 4

Ira Def Tom B Chi-21 vs KC-20

Justin P Def Tony J KC-35 vs Cinci-7    

Winners Round 5

Ira Def  Justin P Sea-13 vs NE-10                    

Losers Round 1  

Jake D Def Excel Raid-28 vs Hou-10

David s Def Tim H      

Losers Round 2  

Jake D Def Kramer K Sea-17 vs Ind-10

Justin E Def Cory S Cin-14 vs Det-13

Travis Def Davis S Viks-35 vs Wash-7

Kris K Def Kevin D Phx-10 vs Pitt-7    

Losers Round 3  

Jake D Def Jerry  

Jeremy S Def Justin E Phx-30 vs Dal-7

Travis Def Pat S Den-24 vs SD-17

Luke Def Kris K      

Losers Round 4  

Jeremy Def Jake D TB-3 vs Wash-3

Luke Def Travis Raid-27 vs KC-21    

Losers Round 5  

Tony J Def Jeremy S SD-13 vs Den-7

Luke Def Tom B Mia-37 vs SD-31    

Losers Round 6  

Luke Def Tony J Rams-17 vs Cinci-14    

Losers Round 7  

Luke Def Justin P TB-17 vs Wash-0    


Luke Def Ira SD-20 vs Den-3    

Championship 2nd   

Ira Defeat Luke KC-17 vs NYG-7

Edited by justinpeters51

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yea another great tourney guys, just wanted to thank everyone that drove especially! we had gerry from iowa city, luke and travis from nebraska, ira and excell from kc, and especially tom from minnesota.  overall just a great bunch of guys at this years tourney.  too bad i didnt play like last year but ira played a great tourney and played a lot of really tough competitors to win the 2nd title here at the venue.


if i forgot someone that drove in sorry just wanted to say thank you for spending time and gas money on this event.  means a lot to justin and I for sure.

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