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GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (Mac/Unix)

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Hey there Mac/Unix users, some good news for you. Thanks to Dusto mentioning that he'd try and see what he could do in Ubuntu, I figured I'd give it a shot myself since I had an Ubuntu partition lying around, and lo and behold here we are. Thanks Dusto for getting me off my lazy ass!

So, right off the bat, I will say that I did not test this with a controller, only keyboard. I'll update this guide when (if) I fiddle with it and get controllers working. Might even be as easy as plugging it in and having it work, but I doubt it.

So, for starters, you'll need a program called Wine, which emulates a windows environment and allows you to run windows executables. From Mac users, try the latest version of WineBottler. Unix users can find the wine installer for their distro here.

Once you have your flavor of wine installed, it pretty much follows my guide here. There are two differences. The first, and most important, is that you'll need to open the Nestopia exe with Wine. Now I haven't used WineBottler, but the site claims you should be able to just double-click the exe and choose a 'Run Directly' option. For Ubuntu, it's as easy as right clicking and opening with Wine.

That *should* bring up Nestopia without any issues. That was the hard part. The other difference of this setup is that for whatever reason the default Timing settings are changed, which causes the game to be choppy. You'll want to change the first option to "Synchronize to refresh rate", and you should be golden there as well.

Other than that, aside from following the rest of the Windows guide, everything should be smooth sailing from there.

Feel free to give it a try and reply here. With Ubuntu, I didn't hit any network problems, but I'm anticipating that this won't always be the case. We'll puzzle through whatever issues may arise.

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I have been using ubuntu with virtualbox to set up multiseat for network games. Virtualbox with xp on any host platform should work as well for running nestopia, though wine is the preferred way i would think.

Of course it is cheap enough (<$50) get an old computer for just tecmo for those who insist on using a mac for evertything else.

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No problem with usb gamepad.


Last time I tried this I coudln't get past the directx issue. 


I reinstalled ubunto 12.04 on a machine and thought I'd give it another shot.  I got wine through the software center and then nestopia started right up and didn't have to go through any extra step for the usb gamepad.


I'd say it runs fine and a good option for those who buy a chromebook.

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I downloaded openmenu and got the ROM installed just fine.  The game runs just fine.  But I bought a USB Remote and when I change the settings in the options menu to USB Remote, it doesn't work.  


Any suggestions for this newb?

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I can't map my controller on nestopia. I am running it thru wine on a Mac.


I had a NES USB controller that nestopia wouldn't even recognize. Nothing came up under Joysticks... This same controller was working on my my old PC. Also I have usb flash drives working, so I think the port is ok on the macbook.

I bought an NES to USB adapter to try with one of my original controllers. This time nestopia DID list it under joysticks, but It didn't recognized any of the buttons I was pressing when I was trying to map it. 


Any Ideas??? 

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