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1988 update

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Ok so there's a couple things to hash out regarding start up for 1988.

Number 1 The draft. We will do a live draft. I'm thinking of taking one more step regarding splitting up the tandems. Basically splitting up the lbs and dbs into 2 tandems of 2. Possibly putting ol with backup qbs.

So after I make that decision I'll set up the database that's right database not Google doc.

Then we'll firm up a date for the draft.

So throw some thoughts out there zero potential draft dates. I'm thinking mid to late January. Friday would work best for me.

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I'm good to go on Fridays as long as its in the latter part of the day (after 6pm CST)


I like idea of OL with backups, especially with live draft might eliminate a round or so. Also maybe throw the K/P with the DL that could eliminate another round.


Just some thoughts

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damnnnnn i'm ready to start rolling this mother right now....... sitting here thinking about setting up fake twitter acounts for scoggins and jo jo townsell, like whoa! -- starting to scare myself....... i need a real fake life, not more fake fake ones.

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Not that it matters here, but in XFL we roll the whole draft. It has 14 rounds, but we only have 8 teams.


We have waited this long to get the ball rolling so what's another week or 2 of drafting. 


But I'm good either way.

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oh i can wait at least six more months, no prob.... will give me just enough time to explore the inner psyches of all my coaches, set up a dozen or so fake twitter accounts, so on.... I'm warming y'all now tho, eric "e-thug" scoggins twitterverse will not be for the squeamish.

so really i can wait to roll 1988, and meantime settle for rolling up this fat 2014 sumpin sumpin instead, wooooo! have a good one fellas!!!

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OK We need to fill out the rest of owners, needing 12.


Here's who we got.


Kamp - Bandits

Manyo - LAXpress

Joe - Oakland Invaders

Suicide - New Orleans Breakers

Larry - Oklahoma Outlaws

Drummer - Memphis Showboats

Timbone - Denver Gold

Mattrick Swayze - Chicago Blitz

Baxter - Arizona Wranglers

Dukie - Houston Gamblers


Gonick and Coco are no go.


 Need 2 more confirmed at this point. 


I'm thinking doing a live draft on January 31 in the evening. It's a Friday I've got ideas for the last 2.


AT this point, for the draft tandems. I'm still debating some things, but I'm pretty sold on breaking up the DBs and LBs into pairs, and thinking of Joining Kickers with QBs and OL with DL or some version of that, like Kickers with OL and QBs with DL or QBs with OL and Kickers with DL. RB sets of 4 and WT sets of 6 will probably stay the same.


Before the live draft, I will have the USFL Database up and ready. It's mostly there now but with these changes as well as some of the tandems still missing, I will need to see Obi Wan Knobbe for some assistance, but I think using that DB will really help speed things along. DB should be ready early enough for me to seek some help in ranking the tandems for the default.


Anway, I'm thinking the tonka tecmo truck will join us and we will just need one more. No slaggers please. Drummer I will need to reconfirm with, since it's been a while, but he's a passionate cat about this league.

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Talked with Knobbe tonight. We can get this info to him by tomorrow that would be great.


How do yall feel about old HSTL style. 14Tandems









DL (3)

OLB (2)

ILB (2) you can draft any pair of LBs, two ILB or two OLB but they're split up that way.

CB (2)

S (2) Same as LB, any pair of DBs works


Backups including QB2, RB3n4, WR3n4, TE2


This is doable and I think would be very cool since HSTL has changed it up recently.


What say you?

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helping to speed things up

this is based on the ratings from that spreadsheet u sent kamp....




"ID" is key  it will list all qbs together, but if they have a 1 in their id, they are the starter, 2s belong with the backup tandems

same for rb, wr, te


OL grouped

OLB grouped

ILB grouped

CB grouped

S grouped


just  need help with teh houston wr/rb/te deal i was talking to you about


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