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Removing Menu Options

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Mainly interested in the Game Mode screen see below.  Has it been documented how you would remove options (i.e. not be able to select Pro Bowl)?  I've scanned the entire Hacking Documentation thread and whiffed.  Can someone point me in the right direction?





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I dont know how to put ONLY the SELECTABLE MENUS (Preseason, Pro Bowl, Team Data, etc...) of your choice, but here is a way to REMOVE PRO BOWL:


1. At offset x3F9F4,  is the NUMBER, that corresponds for the SELECTABLE Menus (in the Main MENU)

For this example I only want the Main Menu to have: PRESEASON, SEASON GAME and TEAM DATA. So I only need 3 (input 03 at that offset).

2. Then at offset x3F9F5,  are the cursor's coordinates (50, 60, 70, 80, 90) but I will only be needing the first 3 ones, so I will need to change ONLY the last 2 coords. that I am not using. I will then have, starting at offsetx3F9F5:  50, 60, 70, 70, FF

3. Finally at offset x200F3, INPUT: A4 88 .This will change the Menu from PRO BOWL to TEAM DATA (I dont want Pro BOWL, but I DO want TEAM DATA)


Although PRO BOWL Menu will still be showing, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY PRO BOWLS!! (instead you will open the TEAM DATA MENU)

You will finally need to change the TEXTs from the Main MENU. To "reduce" the outlines:


1: at offset x1FA63 and x1FA67 are the numbers (originally 0B) that determine the lenght of the parallel vertical lines (reduce them by inputting 07)

2: at offset x1FA74 and x1FA77 are the numbers that determine the coordinates for the lower corners (input 04 and 12, instead of 84 and 92)

3: and at offset x1FA6A is the number for the coordinate for the bottom line (horizontal) (input 05 to move it up)

In order to have your Menu looking like this:

post-9389-0-71408300-1388431818_thumb.pnpost-9389-0-32189800-1388859069_thumb.pnTSB NO PROBOWL.nes


Since you wont be playing PRO BOWLS no longer, perhaps you would also want to remove ProBowl Teams from the TEAM DATA, although it is a little more complicated than removing a Team (because the Default First Team is exactly the AFC ALL Stars):


1. Go to offset x20AB9- x20ABB and input 4C 54 89 (this will not let you select the PRO BOWL TEAMS, so if you press the "A-button" it will do nothing until you select a Team) *THE CURSOR WILL STILL APPEAR ON THE DEFAULT POSITION, So you would want to remove it from there as well:

2. Go to offset x23B4D- x23B4E and input FF FF in order to make it "unreachable" (these are the cursor's coordinates for the AFC Stars)

3. go to offset x23B55- x23B56 and input FF FF (these are the coords. for the NFC Stars cursor )


THE CURSOR WILL STILL BE THERE, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT ON THE SCREEN!, And since you have removed them from being "selectables", the A-button wont do anything, which will make perfect sense after you have REMOVED the AFC/NFC Stars TEXTS from there too. (TEXTS saying "AFC/NFC ALL STARS" are located at offset x1E91C)

So now,  whenever you open the TEAM DATA you will FIRST NEED TO MOVE THE DIRECTIONAL PAD to make the CURSOR APPEAR.



I know this is not the best way to do it, but maybe it will help you.

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I finally used this information as a guide to help me remove the "OPTIONS" (Clock, etc) choice from the 32-team ROM menu!  


I have never used OPTIONS (or adjusted the clock) in my life, so good riddance!


Thanks for the help.



for graphics, I did:

x0A and x0A at x1fa63 and x1fa67 (length of parallel vertical lines)

x44 and x52 at x1fa74 and x1fa77 (corners)

x45 at x1fa6a (location of horiz line)

and xFFFFFFFFFFFFFF at x1fab2 (blank out the word "options")


and most importantly:

x04 at x3f9f4


(I did not do any other mods that the post above mentioned)



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Posted (edited)

It should be noted that the addresses you gave are for the 32 team rom only.  I had to go to x239f2 (rather than x3f9f4) to change the number of options on the original rom.  To get the former pro bowl option to go to the team data screen was at the same place, though (x200f3).  At x1fa63 there is a huge block of xff, and I can't seem to find it using the code logger.


I compared the two roms and found the following:

x1e110 and x1e114 are what should be changed to x07.

x1e121 and x1e124 are what should be changed to x04 and x12 respectively

x1e117 is what should be changed to x05


To change the "pro bowl" to "team data", enter the following at x1e14a:


This is needed because "team data" is longer than "pro bowl" so you have to tell it to put the line for the box somewhere else, and then remove the word "team data" from where it was originally.


Also, when you return from the team data screen, you have to hit up twice to move the cursor.  Probably because we put "70" in there twice, but if you get rid of the last one, the cursor is gone altogether.  Very strange...

At x239ef we have x000028

The first byte is the image used for the cursor.  The third byte is the horizontal position of the cursor on the screen.  You would think the 2nd byte would be the vertical position, but changing it does nothing or causes the cursor to be mirror-imaged.  


Now, if only I could figure out how to make the cursor show up on the team data screen after removing the all star options...

Edit:  I almost figured it out...

I realized the  x0c03 at x23b4b probably referred to the number of rows and columns on the screen.  I changed the x0c03 to x0802 (my rom has only 16 teams: 8 in each conference, four in each division) and then immediately placed the cursor positions for each team.  The screen loads with the cursor on the first team and it can immediately be moved in any direction.  However, this messes with which team loads when you select the option...

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