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Research toward 32 team Season Stats extractor


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You can double click on the file once you download it and it should appear in your browser.   You want to upload your TBorg-2014 .nes file for the Nintendo cart.  Secondly, you want to upload your save file. If you're using Nestopia (or Brudtopia etc), there should be a Saves directory and inside you should have a .sav file.  It's basically a file representation of what Tecmo saved while the cart was off.  This file is most up to date when you close out of the rom.  Load that file  as well.


As soon as you do, you should get a CSV file download that you can open up in Excel.  It should contain all the players in team order and their stats with the appropriate column headers (passing attempts and so on)

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thanks @SBlueman! maybe @averagetsbplayer can help, or maybe someone else? I'm running a sim league and I'd like to be able to extract stats into .csv format. My results are pretty crazy: hundreds of passing attempts for a QB when it's only week 2. very possible I'm doing something wrong. Would appreciate any and all help!!


hope everyone is doing well! stay safe!!!


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1 hour ago, bruddog said:

Typically the save locations are different for every emulator since every emulator has a different way and format of saving the state.



ah good to know.  I checked against the original ram for this.  So I was still a little confused as its been almost 8 years or so since I played around with this. There are 2 files , like a quick state save, and then there's a  .SAV file that emulates i think the current battery save.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  When I was writing this in 2013 the save state for the Buffalo Bills QB was consistent to where CXROM said it was for QBBills(x7AE)


The original rom in Mesen still writes to this location for the .Sav battery file that keeps the stats for a season.    In the 2021 game it looks like the location changed to 027A0 (10144 decimal) with the offset in decimal staying about 208 per team.  I haven't worked all the way through the stats section yet.  I simmed through a whole season and was tackling the larger sets with little unit tests to make sure I had properly understood the Modifier section and use of modulus vs division.


Going to make a github of the effort this go round if anyone wants to follow along.  Just to kinda document the process a bit better for anyone wanting to build one out or build a better version of my work.

DustinOgan/tsb-stats-extractor (github.com)



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Hmm didn't think nestopia and mesen had the same sav format but maybe they do. 

I have the nes sram memory locations all mapped for tecmo its just a matter of what offset they start at in the emulators sav file.

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