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2013 Hack Year in Review

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Here are major hacks posted this year. 
1. Buck documents the different ways players fall down and get up after a grapple. 
2. Jstout makes it so the computer QB will try to throw to an open receiver rather than relying only on the random chances set in the play 
3. My hack allows for seperate pass block and run block skills. HP vs HP is used for run blocking and offensive RS vs defensive MS is used
for pass blocking.
4. My hack that lets you throw lob passes by pressing the start button
5. My special teams hack that lets you return punts out of the endzone, fair catch punts, touchback kickoffs, take instant timeouts by pressing start, and down the ball by pressing select. 
6. Jstout posts a great guide about programming the NES complete with various examples.
7. I post information on how to change the fumble and onside kick recovery time.
8. My  hack that lets you load in conditions at the start of a game. This makes it possible to have online leagues that carry over conditions week to week. 
9. My no huddle hack that gives the defense 1 second after the offense has picked their play to pick a play or else they get a play picked for them. 
10. xplosv' hack that lets you jump and dive for passes by pressing B. He also creates a hack that lets you throw to receivers in "madden style" by pressing a button that targets a WR. 
11. I found a way to change the success rate when trying to bump a player off a grapple
12 My hack where diving ability is  based on HP
My amazing  hack where players engaged in grapples move forwards or backwards. This makes OL play look very realistic. It also allows high HP RB's to push low HP defenders forwards. 
In progress
1. 2pt conversion- I just need time to work on this and squeeze it into the 32 team rom somehow
Future ideas:
1. Ability table for certain teams to be better at causing fumbles
2. Ability table for player specific injury rates
If I forgot anything major let me know

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Yes, your moving grapples hack is one of the greatest innovations in American history. 


I would add to the wish list:

(1) switch sides every quarter

(2) home field advantage by randomly juicing some players of the home team

(3) minimum kick meter strength for computer kickoffs and punts (like 75%)


I would love a hack that can increase injury rates for specific positions, like QB (one of your "future ideas").

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Thanks for posting.  I had totally missed the separate values for Run/Pass block hack.



Future ideas:


1. Ability table for certain teams to be better at causing fumbles

2. Ability table for player specific injury rates



Definitely interested in these two!

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    • By Ryzzynnwa
      Does anyone know how to change the players name and designations on the plays. So that it registers the correct player and the sim also recognises the change in playbook and player?
      How to mod the popcorn effect to occur always at 25 point difference?
      How to mod the speed defense to not be so high?
      Has anyone has tried to mod the game so you pick both an offensive play and a defensive play?
    • By Respectedgen1us
      Hey guys, I almost feel bad for coming here and asking a bunch of questions. I've lurked the boards for a few months and finally have some time to set aside to ask some things. Please don't be offended by my newbiness. 
      A group of friends and I want to SIM football. We are Simmers, mostly we SIM Fire Pro Wrestling  (before Returns and now Fire Pro Wrestling World). That community is much like this one, we've been making new memories using our favorite classic game (which is now having a rebirth with this new steam version). 
      Essentially we want to start out with the original 32 teams and rosters, pick our teams and simulate the games (one person would likely do the simming from their PC) the results would be posted. And we would come up with all kinds of other storylines and stuff that would make it more of an interactive story. We also want to track stats, assign awards etc, and then draft players and start a new season.
      Is this possible with TSB? 
      If so, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of the stuff we need? I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, and I want to make sure I get the right mods etc. 
    • By bruddog
      Background: The original game flickers(makes them disappear and reappear) sprites (players). This is due to a hardware limitation of the original NES that only allows 8 sprites per line. 
      Hack added to this years rom:
      1. Completely bypass the part of the game that does the sprite flickering
      Why add this hack
      1. To make the game more visually easy on the eyes since there will be no more sprite flickering.  This will make streams look a bit better as well.
      2. There are no negative consequences to adding this hack. 
      Why is the new version of nestopia needed?
      1. Nestopia emulates the orignal NES hardware limitation of 8 spires per line but it has an option to allow for "unlimited sprites." However I originally failed to test
      that this option works in netplay. The old version of nestopia disabled unlimited sprites during netplay. If the unlimited sprites is disabled, players will completely disappear instead
      of just flickering since the flickering has been removed. The new version of nestopia fixes this problem. 
      Where do I get the new version of nestopia?
      Simply copy and paste this version of nestopia into your folder. 
      Will downloading the new version of nestopia cause any problems in any of my other leagues?
      1. No 
      What do I need to do in Nestopia?

    • By bruddog
      This hack will play a pre-season game as if it was a season game thus saving the stats to the season stats after the game is over
      SET(0x21288, 0x4C9492)
      SET(0x212C6 0xEAEAEA)
      This was primarily done for the PNW flash cart league
    • By buck
      This is a virgin 28-team NES TSB ROM with one big change - 
      all DEFENSIVE PLAYS have been changed to the respective "BLITZ" for every play.  So, when you play it, no matter what, the defense comes at you like they picked your play.  In addition, the OFFENSIVE PLAYS were changed to use the actual play that it would run when the defense picks the offenses play, like Pass 1 Pro T Screen for instance.
      I went in and copied/pasted the "blitz" play for every play, so that every pick is a successful play-pick.  At the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the defensive bytes that were changed to the common blitz byte for every play variation.  
      In this picture, you can see that the RUNS use a Blitz Byte of 5B, 53, 57, 5F, 8F, or 99.    Pass play Blitz Bytes are 5F, BB, DA, and 22...that's right, there are ONLY 4 variations to a Pass-Play blitz! 
      Also, in this picture, The top-left starts with the 8 variations of Run Slot 1, Play 1.  It continues (left to right, top to bottom), 8 plays for each slot, 8 variations of each play, down to the very last Pass Slot 4, Play 8.
      Now, changing the defense is NOT ENOUGH - because the offense has 8 possible variations for any given play - so I had to go in and change all of the offensive plays to run the variation that it uses when the defense picks the offenses respective play (sorry, no picture for this).
      This ROM is made for the sole purpose of practicing responses to getting your play called!  (Note - this is mostly useful for practicing getting your Pass Play called.  
      Work on those timed taps!
      Tecmo Super Bowl AllBlitzes.nes
      Have fun.  

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