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TSB III Play Diagrams w/ Labels

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We're just about to start a new season at the TLL, so we're setting our team lineups and playbooks.  One thing we thought would be useful was play diagrams that label which player gets the ball (for running plays) and how the receiver progression works (for passing plays).  I thought I'd put the results up here.


One thing I learned from this is that there are some passing plays that are wrongly diagrammed in the game's play selection screens.  For one, all the fake dive passes show the back as an eligible receiver in the diagram (i.e. yellow route arrow), but he is not (obviously, since he dived).  I've grayed those routes out in these diagrams.


Interestingly, there are two other passing plays that do not, in the diagrams, show all the receivers that are actually in the passing routes.  The first is the 1Motion PA Pass in the Pass1 slot: the tight end is diagrammed as having a blocking assignment, but he's actually an eligible receiver who runs a short in.  The second is the T Motion Short in the Pass4 slot: the QB fakes to the FB, who is diagrammed as rolling to the bottom to block, but he, too, is actually a receiver in the pattern.  Both of these routes I've shown in light green in my diagrams.


Thanks to slimjimmy for getting the original play diagrams from the game.  He's a true TSB III guru.


Runs Up:



Runs Left:



Runs Right:



Runs Down:



Passes Up:



Passes Left:



Passes Right:



Passes Down:


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T Motion Short is my favorite play to defend as far as getting interceptions.  The receiver most thrown to by COM is the guy crossing over the middle diagonally... very hard to hit in stride for the crappy QBs.  Overthrows result in wide open chances at INTs with usually no grapple making for some interesting INT returns.


Thanks so much for this!

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There are 4 teams in the game that have base rosters with the two pass plays that have an extra eligible WR. T Motion Short is used by Tampa Bay, Kansas City and San Francisco. 1Motion PA Pass is only used by San Diego.

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There are two passing plays in the game, the two i mentioned above and that DF has highlighted routes on, where a player is an eligible wr but it doesn't show on the play diagram as an eligible wr.

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On 11/3/2013 at 9:09 AM, buck said:

NICE.  All of these recent TSB3 posts are slowly convincing me to pop this unplayed game into my SNES.



You've never played?  I think you'd find it quite playable.

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