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Offensive ball carrier can break up drone grapples hack


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Normally you just keep bouncing off a grapple if you run into it. This will let you break the grapple 75% of the time just like the defense of course 25% of the time you will get tackled so be careful. This could have the probability adjust or be adjusted for HP as well. 



set 0x28293 EA EA EA EA


This removes the check for a man controlled offensive player that branches out if it is. 

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Great idea.  I think if HP is going to be incorporated though, it should have to do with the HP differential of the players involved in the grapple (at least first and foremost).  That'd (eventually, if it's of interest) make double teams possible and make you pay for 'attacking' players like LT or JJ Watt. 


I think it should weigh in at least to a degree, since having the ball carrier be able to break through based on his own HP allows you to get through piles, which is needed.


Maybe like a percentage jump to a ball-carrier-favoring equation or a grapple-differential determined equation based on the HP differential between the ball carrier and the defender in question.  Ex:  RB HP 50, OL HP 63 and DL HP 75, then (16-4/16) chance of going to an equation where the differential between the DL and the OL is weighed (which then couldn't be 100% because that wouldn't jive with how HP is being treated in other hacks; maybe a similar equation).  The 4 in the equation 16-x/16 is the differential (in HP units) between the ball carrier and the DL. 


Might not be that simple, but I think it'd take everything into account.

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I'm looking at the locations from this post and the one below and I don't see a pointer to these locations in the surrounding code or anywhere else.  I was looking for 8A82 to take me to  @2829a and 8382 to take me to @28293.  Am I wrong about what the pointer should be?  Nothing is blue with these bytes.


Also, do you know if the defensive bumping is called up by a different place with and without the ball carrier?  What I want to do is make bumping (w/o the ball carrier) at like a ball carrier running into an existing grapple by changing the pointer.  I don't know a- if this would be doable without effecting tackling or b- where the pointers are, assuming they exist.  I'll keep looking though


2/20 edit:  the answer to part of this is to keep 29 20 d0 18 @28293 and then run a string of EAs from @28297 to @282aa, but that interferes with regular Tecmo tackling....



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