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NFC Championship: DET @ GIA

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The cinderella-story Lions traveled to the Meadowlands to take on the G-Men for a trip to the Super Bowl. 


Lions receive and Krieg starts doing his thing.  He hits Humphrey on a timed JJ for a big gain and the drive nets them a FG. Heyward coughs up the kickoff, and the Lions have the ball in the red zone.  Giants defense comes up with a big hold and it's 6-0 Detroit.  Wilhelm and Butts do their best to keep the Lions D off balance, and they score to make it 7-6.  After a punt, the Giants score just before the half to go up 14-6. 


Giants receive and really put the heat on with Butts' third TD of the afternoon.  A dumb move by New York (went for a bump with LB and got flattened) allowed a one-play TD drive on a Krieg to Humphrey pass and it's 21-13 late in the third.  The Lions couldn't come up with a stop, however, and Butts found the end zone one last time to cap the scoring. 






GG and great run, Eric.  The Humphrey at WR was certainly a novelty that brought some great results.  GL in season 26.  Giants are going to the big dance!



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And it will be a rematch, previous encounter was in season 22 SB, he was the Pats owner and I had the Bears. 


Looking forward to face u again man, gl in the big game.

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