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NFC Divisional: RAMS @ GIA

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The Rams and the Giants hook up for the second straight year in the post-season.  Last year it was Lucky's Rams vs. Grip's Giants.  This season Moulds took the Rams to N.Y. to face LuckyTool.


Giants start with a long opening drive that used up a majority of the first quarter and ended with a Butts TD.  QB Browns then tests the Giants weak side DBs with Jeffries but 38 INT Keith Taylor is there for the pick!  Unreal.  Giants ball on the 1/2 yard line.  First down nets a few yards, but then back-to-back called plays leads to a punt.  Giants pick run on the wrong play, everyone's open, and Browns hooks up with Flipper for an easy score.  Last-second heave to Newsome looks promising, but it's broken up by the cavalcade of Rams defenders.  7-7 half.


Rams receive, and on a called pass Browns takes the sack, but FUMBLES and it's recovered by the Giants for a defensive TD.  Huge gift from the gods for NY.  Rams moving it, but then on a fourth down Jerry Robinson gets an INT for a touchback.  Giants convert a 4th and 1 on their way to the clinching TD.






vgg Moulds, unfortunate about that fumble.  GL this offseason. 


NFC Championship will be a rematch of week 2 where the Giants beat the Lions 13-10 on the last play of the game with a Steve Jordan JJ. 

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GG man, you played mistake free on O and that was key.  I had a few decent drives, but couldn't punch it in when it mattered.  That attempted JJ to Jeffries that got picked was crazy, but also kind of dumb on my part.  I was a bit too aggressive early looking back on it now, should have just kept scrambling with Bernie.  That fumbled sack TD sealed it though, I was trying to throw it but Haley had other ideas.  I was a little gun shy from the earlier pick...Jay Taylor was in my head!  Your defense with Young, McDonald, and Haley are not easy to move the ball against and you do maybe the best job of anybody in the league against the quick passes.  I only hit one all game and I think QB Browns was only like 25% passing...ouch.


GLTRW and I'm just happy that the NFC champion will be represented by one of the 3 of us from Room 509 at the Madison Doubletree last March. 


I was hoping I could beat at least one of you guys so I could take a picture of the score written down on paper and tweet it to you.  #WritingScoresDownIsWeird #ODellMadeUsDoIt

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