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Round 2: Chiefs @ Jets

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I'll post a quick recap of this Saturday night showdown:


Jets receive and march down the field until KC calls a few plays and I have to settle for a field goal. 3-0 Jets.


Muster takes the ensuing kickoff 100 yards to the house. I was too aggressive on the coverage and his blockers were all up in my grill. 7-3 Chiefs.


This is where I started to panic a bit, I think ... just wasn't playing smart, and his defense was so tough that I made some mistakes. Pretty sure I got forced to punt and he then scored with Mel Gray. 14-3 Chiefs at halftime. 


I threw a dumb pick and figured the game was about done, but I did get a pick from Andre Ware to stay sort of alive. 


Still, I couldn't do much of anything ... I was getting yardage but he just kept tightening up when he needed to. Ultimately, I turned it over on downs again, and he kicked a field goal with maybe four minutes left to make it 17-3.


I finally scored a TD with 40 seconds left after a looooong drive, but he recovered the onside kick as time ran out.


Frustrating end to a great season for the Jets ... well played, Johny.


Boomer was 15-of-27 for 243 yards with a touchdown and INT. Emmitt couldn't get anything going, running just seven times for 25 yards. Andre Ware threw just twice, completing one for 14 yards, while running three times for 18 yards. Mel Gray had 8 carries for 68 yards and a TD. All in all, for those keeping score at home, the Jets defense continued its improbable yardage mark, giving up just 100 total yards, while the offense put up 280 ... and I still blew it. Johny's D bent, but it did not break.

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