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Round 2:Patriots @ Steelers

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NE wins toss, kicks off to open this AFC Divisional round playoff game. After a run 3, Ed West comes in at WR2 for some better blocking. Steelers pick up a couple first downs behind Johnson and the scrambling of Tolliver. Tolliver throws downfield, but be overshoots West and it's picked off by Harper. Deberg hits Irvin for a 70ish yard gain on 1st down. Pats go 3 and out from there due to some nice playcalling, and kick the FG. 4th and 4 coming up for Pittsburgh from their own 32, Johnson jukes Rod, and they get the first. Stellers continue their slow drive. Rod is making them work for every yard. 4th and 5 now, ball on NE 35..PIT kicks the FG and it's good with 2:29 left in the half. Last play before half Deberg just overthrows Paige on what would have been a JJ TD.



NE receives, and after a couple runs, Hilliard comes up lame with a broken finger. He'll be back next week. A good Herman Fontenot comes in, and after a few runs, Deberg fires to Paige in the back of the end zone who hauls it in for the CC. 10-3 NE. Woodson told no one anything related to an injury, but he didnt look the same out there the 2nd half, unable to bump defenders and springing Johnson for some yards. Tolliver hits Johnson on a broken play for a first down to end the 3rd quarter. Rod gets flattened and JJ runs it in from about 10 yds out to tie the game at 10 with almost the whole 4th to play. Deberg BAD, everyone else good/average. Fontenot gets the ball a couple times, then on one play, outgrapples the MAN defender, and rumbles 30-40 yards. A catch and run by Paige gets good yards, then Deberg fires to Fenner for a TD a few plays later just out of the reach of Stinson to take the 17-10 lead. Fourcade comes in with 1:30 to play. The JJ is caught by Brooks, and Rod takes him down quickly at the 16. A run 3 results in 8 yards. 33 seconds to go, a run 2..Johnson jukes around, but is caught and finally wrestled down at the 5 with 15 seconds to go..run 3. Woodson takes out West, Johnson heads toward the end zone, runs down, but is caught by some drones at the 2-3 and time runs out.





Great game daboy! Finally able to get one off of you ;) Best of luck next season man! 

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