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HSTL Season 25 NFC Wildcard: Rams(moulds) at Skins(jfagundes)

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I had a hunch this game would be a nail biter and it was!  Even with the Moon/Sharpe/Clark & Kosar/Jeffries/Miller passing attacks this one was a bit of a slugfest, which is actually pretty normal when I play Fagundes.   (vid on phile)


1st Half:

WAS wins the toss and Norwood kicks it deep to Riggs who takes it out the 23.  Showing some nerves early (my 1st ever playoff game) Kelvin Bryant "rams" into his blockers on a run 2 and then Kosar has a bad misfire on a pass to Jeffries that landed safely by the gatorade cooler(thank god).  After taking a sack the Rams decide to go for it on 4th and 14th on their own 40.  Bernie hits Jeffries on a timing route as a jumping Kevin Greene comes up with only air, 1st down. Washington forces LA into another 4th & 8 around the WAS 30 but the Rams push all their chips in again opting against the FG and go for it.  This time though the Redskins have the Pass 1 play on lockdown and Greene drills Kosar 4 yards short of the sticks, Skins take over with a little over a minute left in the 1st.  


After a steady diet of Lo White runs and Moon scrambles, Alonzo Highsmith catches a flare pass and takes it inside the 30 yard line. Following a picked play incompletion, Moon hits a standing still Sterling Sharpe who then turns on the burners and popcorns Louis Oliver who was screaming for drone help.  Luckily for Oliver/Rams, the drone help did eventually come...at the 3 yard line and Sharpe coughs up the rock. There was a whole herd of Rams close by and eventually LA recovers it, no Skins were close which would have been trouble since Joe was Player 1.


So the lambs dodge a HUGE bullet and take over on their own 3 yard line with around 3:40 left in the first half.  After a big scramble from Kosar on 3rd and 8 and then a 35 yard quick hitter to Jeffries LA is in business.  Kosar hits Jeffries again on a long CC vs a drone to get in the redzone, then Bryant takes a run 3 sweep down to the 4, 1st & goal Rams.  Bernie sneaks it in on 1st down, 7-0 LA.


But WAS still has 37 seconds left after a deep kickoff.  Very first play Moon hits Keith Byars on a long CC vs a man controlled Oliver who has drone help this time and makes the tackle on the LA 36 yard line with only 3 seconds left.  Norwood's FG try is wide left (insert your own joke here) and it's halftime, 7-0 LA.


2nd Half:

Stormin Norman Johnson kicks another beauty deep to the waiting arms of a "good" Robert Perryman, but before he even catches the ball Coach Moulds is happy about receiving news that Warren Moon is now in "bad" condition due to some undisclosed medical problem (severe hangover according to reports).  Perryman steps in for a "bad" Lo White and has some running room and the Skins are driving again.  Jarvis Williams gets burned badly on a Moon/Sharpe TD pass as he thought Moon had/would scramble over the LOS, 7-7.  


Rams take over on their own 10 after some good kick coverage by WAS.  Bernie hits Antony Miller on a 20 yard CC vs a drone, then another CC vs a drone to Jeffries and it appears the tecmo gods may be smiling down upon LA.  Bryant has a couple nice 1st down runs and then Kosar throws a strike to Jeffries who escapes a diving drone for a 30 yard score, 14-7 LA with 18 seconds left in the 3rd.


After some nice running from Perryman and Moon the Skins are driving towards midfield with around 4 minutes left.  After Perryman catches a 25 yarder or so the Skins are moving towards the LA 30....but I notice something rewatching it now...Jerry Ball is in "good" and he's starting to blow through the "Hogs" chasing Moon like he stole something on almost every play. (foreshadowing)  A Moon sneak on 3rd and 4 gets the Skins down inside the 15 with 2:40 left so LA starts using it's timeouts figuring they'll need some time left after the WAS inevitable score.


Here is where it gets interesting:  Perryman runs for a 1st down to the 3 yard line as the Rams call their final time out with 2:11 left to go in the game.  On 1st down, Jerry Ball blows through the line, then dives to sack Moon back at the 10.  2nd down, he does it again!  3rd & goal from the 16 now.  Ball blows through AGAIN and chases Moon around forcing him to throw to a double covered Robert Clark around the 5 yard line but it falls incomplete.  4th down, it's a picked Pass 4...Moon slings it to a diving Sharpe but Oliver gets a finger on it tipping it safely into the stands.  Turnover on downs...deep breathe...but it's not over.


Rams take over with 1:09 left.  Riggs drops an easy 40 yard gainer on 1st down as the Rams come out aggressive.  2nd down is a called Run 3 sweep.  3rd down is a picked pass play, but Bernie is able to scramble away buring a few extra seconds and luckily doesn't fumble after a Mike Wilcher sack.  So it's 4th down and the Rams punt with 26 seconds left and are able to tackle Perryman with no time left on the clock thanks to an almost full power punt from Donnelly with Kevin Greene and his flowing blonde mane right in his face.  Really good game.


Great game Joe, good season man!


RAMS1 14







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