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AFC Wildcard Raiders (Art) @ Chiefs (Johny-mx)

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First playoff game of the 25 HSTL season was between division rivals Chiefs and Raiders. Raiders kick an onside and chiefs recover, after a couple of first downs it cames one if not the key play of the game 4th and 11, Ware finds chiefs Gray in a short pass and he get the first down, little bit after Ware will run for the first touchdown 7-0 chiefs. Raiders first posession, first play is a called r3, second down a run again but this time Rozier is not getting up, he is out for the game and that was hard for the raiders since backup Bell was a 31ms rb, two plays later they had to punt. Next chiefs drive ended with a ware to gray connection 14-0 chiefs. 2nd series for the Raiders ended with a missed FG from around 40 yards. 


Half time


Raiders receive and Marino gets to work, one laser after another, finally Raiders scores in a Marino to Graddy connection 14-7 chiefs. Next chiefs series ends with another Gray TD this time running the ball 21-7 chiefs. Marino to work again, raiders get to the chiefs 10 yard line, they choose to run over the top and.. FUMBLE. Luckily for the raiders an OL get the ball and house it 21-14 chiefs. 1:30 to play, onside fails and chiefs run out the clock to end the game.


Good season and good game Art, losing Rozier obviously was a big factor on this one. 


Chiefs will travel to NJ to face the JETS on the next round.

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