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Scoreboard Editing Map

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I searched the forums and didn't find any info (apologies if this is posted elsewhere), so I mapped out the Scoreboard screen that plays between quarters. The data begins at $155D7 and runs to $1574E. The screen is chopped into palette sized blocks (4 tiles by 4 tiles). Each block of data begins with the palette designation then each tile in order going left to right and then top to bottom. I've attached a map which overlays each specific area with its location in the rom.


Where the sky and the actual score is drawn from, I haven't yet found out. The scores are drawn as sprites, I believe.


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I've got a conundrum and was wondering if anyone else had some answers.


In poking around with the scoreboard graphics, I changed the Palette located at $1A0E9-$1A0EB from 11 30 15 to 30 11 15 (to accommodate some new graphics I've made). HOWEVER, halfway through the scoreboard screen, the 30 (white) changes to 11 (blue). Johnny LaRue's color Location Mega Thread (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11748-color-location-mega-thread/?hl=%2Blocation+%2Bscoreboard) has a rather cryptic note next to this palette location, saying it "animates." Any idea where the game draws this 11 color from so i can prevent it from doing so?


I've tested and this "Animation" does NOT occur when skipping season games. Only during the quarter breaks in normal gameplay.

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I dont know if you mean this screen, that changes this blue:



That BLUE is located at offset x1AE7D


But yes somewhere in that thread it says:If you go to offset x2ed43 (value 1A)

I think it controls other animations, but you can explore that data-area


The "READY!" scene before Montana is affected by this (I dont remember what else..)

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Any idea if the 11 color at x1A73D controls anything else? Doesn't seem to be used in the intro or any of the in-game cut scenes. I sim'ed a season to see the closing credits and it doesn't seem to appear there, either. Which begs the question--what the hell is that 11 color for (other than randomly loading on the scoreboard screen)?

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