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    • By Gabriel Olinto
      Would it be possible to map the 'select' button to be used in nes tsb? For example, for cycle backwards through receivers?
    • By cxm317
      1. Tecmonster it's definitely not a glitch.

      2. I consulted jstouts dissassembly files. Always valuable.

      Here is the bank in question:


      Scroll down to the note jstout added randomize week games. it starts off with
      JSR L_D8F7 AND #$0F

      This is a routine to update the random numbers and then it constrains the result to be from 0x00 to 0x0F or 0 to 15 in decimal.
      Anyways we just need the end of the whole routine to randomize the games which is

      JSR store_sram_checksum LDA #%11000000 STA PRG_RAM_PROTECT

      So at 0x3220A paste in 20 B3 C4 A9 C0 8D 01 A0 60.

      This will prevent the schedule from being random. You may need to do a season reset once to get it unrandomized but it should be good from then on.

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    • By bruddog

      2. Jstout makes it so the computer QB will try to throw to an open receiver rather than relying only on the random chances set in the play



      3. My hack allows for seperate pass block and run block skills. HP vs HP is used for run blocking and offensive RS vs defensive MS is used
      for pass blocking.


      4. My hack that lets you throw lob passes by pressing the start button


      5. My special teams hack that lets you return punts out of the endzone, fair catch punts, touchback kickoffs, take instant timeouts by pressing start, and down the ball by pressing select.


      6. Jstout posts a great guide about programming the NES complete with various examples.



      7. I post information on how to change the fumble and onside kick recovery time.


      8. My hack that lets you load in conditions at the start of a game. This makes it possible to have online leagues that carry over conditions week to week.



      9. My no huddle hack that gives the defense 1 second after the offense has picked their play to pick a play or else they get a play picked for them.


      10. xplosv' hack that lets you jump and dive for passes by pressing B. He also creates a hack that lets you throw to receivers in "madden style" by pressing a button that targets a WR.


      11. I found a way to change the success rate when trying to bump a player off a grapple.


      12 My hack where diving ability is based on HP.


      My amazing hack where players engaged in grapples move forwards or backwards. This makes OL play look very realistic. It also allows high HP RB's to push low HP defenders forwards.


      In progress

      1. 2pt conversion- I just need time to work on this and squeeze it into the 32 team rom somehow

      Future ideas:

      1. Ability table for certain teams to be better at causing fumbles
      2. Ability table for player specific injury rates

      If I forgot anything major let me know

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    • By buck
      Once again -
      Taking NES TSB to the NEXT LEVEL
      - Free-of-Charge
      and made with PURE TECMO LOVE -

      by buck and rewhawl

      "Street Tecmo" is coming very soon - in the form of two ROMS, each with 16-teams from the '12-'13 NFL season. superstars and super-duds.
      But you will find yourself in another "tecmo world" with this ROM - I promise. There is no equivalent to this ROM.
      Prepare yourself for the most action-packed, heart-pounding, breath-holding TSB experience of your life.


      There's no-where to hide. No Refs (for various reasons). No out of bounds, only out of play.

      Things can get out of hand very quickly on the streets. Always bring your A-game and always keep on the alert.

      Only the Strong (and Lucky) survive on the streets.

      *Though "Street Tecmo" is based on tecmo-legend jstout's incredible 7-on-7 CIFL ROM, the only thing that remains the same are his short field, 7 on 7 action, and the essence of his plays - but even the plays and defenses have been internally tweaked for the streets.

      List of some of the new features:

      Gameplay Hacks...
      let's start with hyperspeed "street physics"
      a unique HP hack (with MAN v MAN popcorn/mash, too)
      pass accuracy as completion variable
      bruddog's "OL/DL" hack
      passing-game hacks
      AI hacks
      in-game playbook changing
      12-game season with 8-team playoffs
      jstout's "posession style" overtime
      no "out of bounds", just "walls"

      Other Hacks...
      cutscreens heavily altered and/or removed (this game moves at inner-city pace)
      countless, heavily-modified graphics and palettes
      new uniforms by rewhawl
      awesome new uniform colors and combinations (continuing the buck tradition)
      "new" half-time with a "new" song (breakdance).

      this rom would not be possible without the past help of:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, and xplozv

      View attachment: street screen 2.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 3.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 4.PNG
      View attachment: street screen 1.PNG

      (this post will be updated when more details become available)

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