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NCAA Football rosters without xbox live - kierre read in

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So a few years ago i went to operationsports website for help with this task.



Basically getting a roster on a flash drive and uploading that way.  Well it didnt work for me, im sure I did something wrong.  I posted and got not technical reply.




The game in question isnt the one that is about to come out, im talking about ncaa 13 with RG3 on the cover.  Anyone know where to dl a roster update WITHOUT xbox live, and Ill try those steps again in the above link


Hoping kierre might know this one since hes a big NCAA player?

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It's going to be tough for 2 reasons


1.) They are normally google docs that get edited by random assholes who delete entire pages or mess upames for no good reason

2.) Most of the protect docs with 13 rosters have been wiped in order to make way for 2014 rosters.

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Any PS3 peoples out there??  


Rizzle_81 - I'm online rather frequently, especially with the new release of FF14 online, I've been doing a ton of beta testing play.  

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