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Better touchback hack...and returnable endzone punts


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This hack improves on the kickoff touchback hack and lets you return endzone punts


You now use the b button to call for a touchback. It has the following issues still


1. You can run out and back in and get a touchback.

2. You can call for a touchback while being grappled. 



These disable the service routine for the auto punt touchback

Set 0x2440B (0x 20 DF 9F)  -Disable normal punt check for P2 Check for back of endzone otherwise do my b button check

Set 0x24B93  (0x 20 FD 9F) - Disable normal punt checkfor P1.  Check for back of endzone otherwise do my b button check


Set 0x25108  (0x4C979F) Jump to my b button touchback check before out of bounds compare. Pplayer 1

Set 0x25117  (0x4C9C9F) Jump to my b button touchback check before out of bounds compare. Player 2



This is the b button check plus the back of endzone check for p2






This code has some parts that aren't needed since I changed stuff while debugging. I loosely tested it and it appeared to be working



Basically it checks the icon values and looks for the KR or PR value and sets the possession appropriately. It then looks for the b button press and if it finds it it jumps into the appropriate service routine. 

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will test this out later tonight, can't wait.  thanks bruddog.



Man, this is awesome! Soon there will never be a reason to play the SNES version again.


false, how can you live without all those sweet seinfeld-esque bass riffs?

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"Set0x25FA7(A588C918B00CA201A589C918900EA536B004A535A2002940C940F0034CC29FE001F0042057906020709060A200A589C918B006C90B9002B002A201A017E001F00DB184C928900BC9C9B0074C0F91B186B0F14C1691A593C9DEA594E90990A120709060) "


Won't even come close to fitting in the 32 team rom. Also I found another bug. My possession tracking logic has a crucial flaw. I forgot about interception and fumble returns. So on fumble returns you can run out of bounds... back to the drawing board 

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BTW, you can actually customize your forum title in your profile


yeah, but I lost a lot of sleep and broke a lot of hearts earning this default knobbe/tecmobowl.org title "Tecmo Legend".  


but really, bruddog has really turned up the heat lately, I was just saying.   now...back to bruddog's kickass thread!

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Just in the sake of cataloging SET commands, can someone verify this would be the correct code:


#Better touchbacks/Return punts out of endzone (28-team)

Thanks to whomever hits back!

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