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I started trying to mess around with NBA Jam for the SNES over this past weekend. I thought "NBA Jam was a pretty popular game, maybe it has a nice online community like this one for TSB full of all the info I need to have a good time." Turns out that's not the case. WhiIe was able to find some info out there, my problem is that I've never really done anything with the SNES, so there are some things I don't understand when I'm going through what I've found.


I'm having a hard time understanding the way addresses are described in the info I've found. What is $12/B0C9? How do I convert that to a hexadecimal or find that address using a hex editor? In this case, I'm pretty sure the answer is 0x27000, but I have no clue as to the relationship between the two. Also how do I do math with this type of info such as in:


"$29/A26B-$29/A2A4 Relative pointers to each team's roster data (added to $16/98CF; in alphabetical order by team name, except All-Stars and Rookies are the last two)"


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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