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Pitt @ Houston

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houstons 1st loss and only loss of the year belonged to the Pittsburgh Steelers, they have at it again


Pitt throws INT,

Houston score, pass2 wr1

Pitt throws INT,

Houston score, Everett threads needle to wr2

Pitt gets TD to go into half,


Houston 14

Pitt 7


just like in Pitts 1st rd game, Combo LB Childress/DB Johnson are in bad the rest of the game, Houston has 3rd n long, both teams pick pass1, somehow qb Everett hits wr1 to get 1st. Everett was feeling good and finished drive off with another called pass2 play wr1 TD, 2nd of game.


Pitt goes down and scores on run and catch, 21-14


Houston moves ball to midfield but stall there, Pitt scores to tie game at 21-21 but left too much time


Houston gets the ball into Pitts territory, 13 seconds on the clock

both teams pick pass2, of course wr1 jumps and catches it(I was like, jump, catch that 1), he gets tackled with 1 second left, gun goes off




pitt wins toss, and on 2nd and 10, RB Blair Thomas is wide open on long pass. Houston wins this grapple at around the 30. Pitt work it down to about the 10 for game winning OT FG


pitt 24

Houston 21,


gg Fairfield


vid in phile


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i call it like it is. always.

both of us were playing defense, but i had the better team and i was getting the better end of the luck to go up 21-7. i honestly don't know what happened after that as my mind was on autopilot, but i lost the coin toss and daboy had a nice drive to win it.

I understand. Life is much more important than an 8bit game. I'm sure daboy would have let you handle the call...

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By the way, mega props out to Daboy for defeating that team. That was probably one of the best teams HSTL has ever seen. Congrats Daboy.


Actually it was bar none the best team in HSTL history.  The teams Randy and I had back in season 5 (from what now would be considered trade rapes) were the only ones that could compare.


And ironically Daboy has a mediocre team at best, mostly due to the inept QBs.  Probably the worst QBs in the history of the HSTL with Walsh and Laufenberg.

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Phil, I knew you'd come to Randy's recuse and help him apply ointment to his wounds.  What a great pal!!  You make a post about my 25 wins like I "really care" about them.  That's where you dont know me very well.  Sure, I love playing tecmo and I love winning in tecmo.  But if I lose, I really don't care because...




It's just a game, not real life Phil.  I understand where I am on the tecmo totem pole (toward the bottom) and I'm comfortable with that.  Karma has nothing to do with it, it is what it is, nothing more.  But you're trying to tie my real life accomplishments to tecmo??  That's where I won't even give you the pleasure of responding to that because my real life isn't tied to tecmo and I am a very successful person.  What ignorance you display to think tecmo is tied to real life success.  Pfffff, maybe in Randy's World where you obviously live.  So, go assure him it'll be ok next season to get his expectations up for a "Pressumptive Championship" but to just be let down again in the playoffs and and probably be one and done.  The icing on the cake is that Randy only has 1 more playoff win in HSTL playoffs than me since 4 seasons ago when we were both in the league.  The phile is wrong from season 23 where it says 4-0 for some reason (supposed to be 0-1).  You two were meant for each other  :)


What did Phil say to defend Randy?  No need to knock Phil, I can tell you he's as cool as a cucumber.  He reminds me of another longtime vet, Homer.  Those two guys are as laid back as they come and I seriously doubt he meant to knock you in real life.

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Id take randy's trade rape season 5 team over this one. QB Bills, roger Craig, Monk, taylor, Fulcher, carrier. 


Wow, did he really have both Fulcher and Carrier??  And to think he only beat me in the bowl game due to a called play fumble for insta-TD and a late 4th down conversion by a millimeter.  Then again I had Montana, Paige and Emmitt I think...  LOL

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