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HSTL 24 NFC Wild Card Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions

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I think this is the 3rd go round between the HSTL Cowboys and Leos since I took over for the 'Pokes. The 1st two were tight ones that I believe were aided by fumbles, Easy E taking rd 1 and me taking rd 2. Round 3 featured the 1st two backups perenially taken in the draft, in the SF and DET backups.


This one was a great game. Lions received the rock and Steve Young tried to quick pass to Stephen Baker the TD maker but Donnell Woolford caught up and snatched it. Lions picked the Cowboys 1st play, a run for a loss. 2nd play was also picked, Andre Ware tried to dump off to Mel Gray but the drone Garth Jax snuck back and snatched it and housed it for good measure. Next Cowboys drive, picked play on 1st down again. Same play, Odell knows me a little too well. Next play, Ware drops back, and I had a bit of a Retro flashback, thinking I had my 44ms 69REC Bavaro, but alas no, I'm stuck with noodle armed Ware trying to go deep to slow ass 31ms 44rec Bavaro. Not a surprise that not only did Micheal Cofer beat the throw there, but also it was picked. Things are not looking good for the home team.


Cowboys get a much needed stop, forcing the 3 and Gary Anderson knocks it true. 10-0. Detroit.


The Cowboys take over and milk baby milk. Gray runs it out of bounds near the 15 or 10? One tick left and the coach feels comfortable enough to let Kauric and his 38ka 31akb do the kicking. 10-3 at the half.


Cowboys take the 2nd half kickoff and move it slowly. Ware finds the RB Mel Gray for a decent gain. Then the Lions shore up and force a 4th and 14, past midfield. At this point, I'm like EFF it. I aint kicking the FG cuz A I wont make it. And B I wont make it. Ware decides to let the PlayMaker do what he do. Michael EFFING IRVIN catches a diver in the grill of Cliff Odom at the 5. 47 yards for the HOFer who wore 47 at THE U!. Cowboys tie it up.


Lions take the rock, move it down with a nice couple of plays. One, a pass on 3rd and 14 from near their own end zone where Young hit Hershel with DT diving just short and Walker moving the chains and then a nice burner to Mike Sherrard. Cowboys make it a little difficult in the red zone, a deflected pass, a picked QB sneak, but Steve Young is able to run it in for the go ahead.


Ensuing kickoff was one of the weirdest I've seen. Onsides, Kevin Mack, my returner, instantly manifests himself from one player to another and he picks up the rock, popcorns a guy or two, grapples with the kicker, then a blocker knocked him off, and Mack ended up being the MACK ATTACK housing that MOFO! Tie game again.


Lions take the pill. Get to within FG range, but the kick is off and their was enough time for one Dallas play. Too long for Kauric, so a deep ball to Irvin was tried and knocked down by man controlled Wymon Henderson.


OT has the Cowboys winning the toss. Another drive starts with Ware finding Gary Anderson for a decent gainer. Lions force a 4th down. Another FG opportunity scorned, sorry just suck at kicking fgs even with good kickers, and Kauric is not. Ware eludes the diving man controlled Cofer and moves the chains. A heavy dose of Mel Gray seals the deal.


Great Game E, shitty one of us has to lose one like that.


Final Score in OT




I twitched it well after the fact here. http://www.twitch.tv/kamphuna8/b/412361537


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That was an awesome one to watch.  Was the Mack return an accidental onsides?  Big play there, along with the one in OT where Ware avoided a sack on 4th and 3.  Well played guys, could have gone either way for sure in that one.

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I haven't been feeling well since Saturday, and Monday was the worst of the days.  I like to hold myself as one of the better FG kickers out there.  I almost always get myself a good one in the draft too.  Outside of having a kick blocked, I feel like I'm going to make 97/100, conservatively speaking.


Having been not feeling the best, I felt a little shaky.  Most notably on the missed FG to win it, and the accidental onsides, in which Mack returned for a score.

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