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Tecmo Bowl League

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A few years back, we had a fun Tecmo Bowl league that we ran with the original ROM (http://tecmo.sweethoss.com).  It was a lot of fun, but crappy owners and really small amount of people enjoying TB contributed to its downfall...


Seems like there are more TB fans here lately...wondering if anyone would be interested in a league again sometime...


I've always wanted to do something where your team is your real team from high school, and you provide a bunch of teams created by random and you draft a "team" instead of individual players, and then just play a short 8 game season or something, top two teams playing in the "State Championship."


TB is perfect for simple, no-frills tecmo fun...

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"and you provide a bunch of teams created by random and you draft a "team" instead of individual players"



You lost me on the part above.   Clarify what you mean about the teams and the draft.   

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For the record, it doesn't have to be like this, that was just a brain dump.


That said, what I meant was this...when I ran the TBL SNES League, we did a random draft where the computer randomly drafted teams for the league.  So, a team could be really stacked, or balanced, or heavy in pass or run or whatever...the results were all random, so then isntead of drafing individuals players, the 8 teams did a 1 round draft of the available teams, so if I liked Team #4 because it was pass heavy, I could draft that team and that's the team I'd use for the league.


Leagues are difficult to keep interest peaked anyways, and a long drawn out individual player draft can really kill the mood...this was a way for people to still have ownership in their team, but not have to go through a long drawn out draft process..

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Alright I'm following ya a bit here.


Just throwing stuff out here, but say we got 8 dudes wanting to play.  Could we hold a draft where we draft by position groups?  No drafting individual players, because I agree that would take forever.  


WRs/TE are one group.  So you draft the 49ers or Giants WRs/TE group for instance

D-line as one group, Linebackers as another group, etc, etc  

Make the Kicker/Punter/KR all one group as well for special teams

Either have QB/RB together, or separate positions.  If its together you draft McMahon and Payton as a duo.


It could be made into a short 7 to 8 round draft, and then include playbook as part of the draft and you're ready to play.

Everyone gets to put their stamp on their team without a crazy long process.


If anyone takes a 4-3 D-line they obviously have to take one of the 4-3 LB groups.  

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Cool...we'd just have to work out some more details...I do have the pat beach play fixed, so we'd have to decide on the only rules remaining:


QB Running - Either "anything goes" or "you have to commit to the run as soon as you gain control of your QB."  

Curls/Slants - Again, "anything goes" or "no throwing during a slant/curl.  Brad will have more info on why these matter

Pat Beach play - this "glitch" is no longer an issue, jstout helped me fix the coverage on a IND Pass 1 playpick.


What do you guys think about the high school idea? The Tecmo Athletic Association or Tecmo High School Association...seems high-schoolish :) 


I figure once we draft, you could rename your players if you desired...also, this would have to be a casual thing, probably one game a week pace or something like that...the only bummer is that TB doesn't have individual stats, but I think we could make it a requirement to have owners send high level stats to me after the games to compile something...it's fun to look back on that kind of stuff...maybe the following:


Passing TD

Rushing TD

Receiving TD

Passing INT




Interested so far is:







If we had 5 guys, we could do 2 games each vs. all teams, which would be an 8 game schedule...pretty doable, I think...



Next question, is there any way to change the fake ass helmets in the opening Tecmo Bowl intro and put in the real logos?  That would be icing on the cake!


Actually, in the 32-team ROM, there aren't any intro screen helmets anymore...jstout removed them...

Edited by TecmoTurd

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Original game, when you playpicked IND Pass 1, pat beach was wide open and you could dump it off to him and gain yardage every time.  Brad and his world championship of tecmo league had a rule where you weren't able to gain yardage on playpicks for that reason...now, not such a big deal because we fixed the glitch!


Permian Panthers, eh?  Much scarier name than my "Kimberly Papermakers"

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Cool, looks like we got 7 guys interested...


That means we have 6 unique games per player, which I think makes for a nice quick introductory season...


The only issue I see with such a small number of games is running a draft (even with position groups) for such a short, quick season...I need to come up with a quick but fair/balanced way to get some teams compiled without dragging it out.


If people are cool with Brad's proposition up top and only getting 6 regular season games in, I'd be cool with that...you'd need to pick:


1 QB

1 RB/OL combo

1 WR/WR/TE combo

1 DL

1 LB group (4/3 or 3/4)

1 K/P combo

1 KR

1 Secondary

1 Playbook


Your LB formation has to match your DL formation (4-3 or 3-4)

For LA, we could allow Allen to be available and put in Mervyn Fernandez as a replacement WR for that combo


1 vs. 2 for state championship

3 vs. 4 for the tecmo honor game

5 vs. 6. for the tecmo loser classic


For some reason I can't get nestopia's port opened on my new PC (yes, I'm the dude who has helped tons of people get online, but I can't do it myself).  So, we'd need to support hamachi, unless I can get it working on my laptop...


We could use tecmo.sweethoss.com for hosting the games...

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NP, Kamp.  I really feel like a small, quick season to test the waters is the way to go.  Too many games either scares noobs (and vets, really) away, drags on, and becomes more of a chore than a fun hobby.

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Love the idea of a draft but maybe for a quick "test" season it'd be easier for everyone to just pick a team and roll with them. Could use the fixed USA/Japan super rom and with 7 guys everyone would be able to get an elite team.

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Okay, really stupid question here... But what is this? This is a hacked-rom league so that teams can be built through a draft? And with 28/30/32 teams?

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