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Graphics hacks on TSB for Sega Genesis


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I've been noodling around with the graphics on TSB for Sega using Fatilety.


You'll notice, I've given the Pitch a more "old-school," classic feel.  Also, it looks as if it's actually been played on.


I changed the Chain Crew.


I've also modified the ball, so that it accords with the much rounder football used until (I believe) the 1950's in the NFL.


If I could, I'd have rather wanted to place the Goal Posts on the Goal Line as per their (logical) placement in the NFL until the 1970's.  Alas, I couldn't find a way.  I was, however, able to change them to the traditional, H-style posts . . . or, at least, came close to making it appear to be so.


There are some glitches in the alignment of the Yard Lines (e.g., at the 50- and 35-yard lines) based on that fact that they placed the NFL and Tecmo logo's on the field, both of which I removed.  I don't think either is too noticeable.


I think, I might try my hand at the SNES version and do the same.  Though, I must admit: I like TSB Sega better.






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