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Cullman, AL - 06/15/13 - Wrath of the Buttons (Southeastern Tecmo Open)

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Break down from the Wrath of the Buttons ( I am not proof reading this so read at your own risk LOL)


Final tournament in a very successful 2013 Southeastern Tecmo season.


Also we want to thank Tecmobowl.org for their help and support and would also like to thank EVERYONE around the Tecmo World for their support and for welcoming us into this community. Most everyone we have played online(TPC) and in tournaments were very open and generous with helping the SETA members become better Tecmo players. I can honestly say the level of play from our first tournament in Feb to the Wrath last night is far beyond what it was and again we want to say THANK YOU to you all.


How it started (BgBoud and Ashman could not make it due to unexpected circumstances)


Red Group (Games of Interest)


Z-Dub(RAMS) vs. Gridiron OG(WASH) Z-Dub take OG down 21-16 with a 2 minute drive scoring a 20 Yards JJ with Anderson

Seth(RAMS) vs. Z-Dub(MIA) Z-Dub plays tough defense but Seth plays even better in an 14-6 victory

Seth(CIN) started hitting his stride towards the end of group play with a 37-0 victory over Gridiron OG(TB) and goes undefeated in Group Play making him 9-0 in SETA Groups for the 2013 season


Blue Group


In a rematch from an epic battle in the Semi Finals of the NATSB Championship in Feb Eddie Eyefull and Green Majik are matched up again. Majik gets sweet revenge on Eyefull winning with a CHI vs CIN match up. Majik took the Bears and Anderson and his short passing game was too much this time for Eddie and wins 21-0. This win would be the start of something good for Majik and he ended Group Play 3-0 and took Co-Defensive MVP honors giving up zero points in Group Play. Majik was much improved from the NATSB as he outscore the Blue’s 77-0 to secure one of four 1 seeds for the Tommy Kane Elite Bracket.


Green Group


Trent Tracker went 3-0 in Group Play once again. Tracker also has a 9-0 record for 2013 in Group Play. Tracks toughest game of Group Play was also a rematch from the NATSB Championship. Track vs. Al Burns. Track was beat in a heartbreaking in the NATSB Tournament by Burns 21-20 in a game he dominated but this time Track gets the best of Burns but it wasn’t easy. Track(TB) gets revenge over Burns(NO) 14-10 even though he only gave up a little over 100 offense Burns hung around by playing great defense himself in the second half


Yellow Group


Yellow Group proved to be maybe the most entertaining group for two reasons. Cricket and Tecmo Julz, it did not disappoint. Julz (CIN) as Cricket (CHI) and this is becoming one of the best rivalries in SETA. Cricket won the Magic City Meltdown and during his run he gave Julz the worst beating possible. Julz vowed to make Cricket pay and indeed he did winning in 2OT 21-14 in an instant classic. The game did not go without controversy with 4:32 left in the game Cricket was up 14-7 and Julz put his bottled beer down on the Tecmo Station freezing the game. Cricket called for a DQ but it was ruled that Julz did not do it out of anger so game was reset via SETA rules. Julz was penalized 1 minute of game play and the game was completed.  This story of Cricket and Julz was not over yet. Julz went on to post his first ever 3-0 Group record and won the Offensive MVP medal outscoring his the Yellow’s 100-21


Purple Group


Bama Tecmo makes his first ever live tournament and he would not go home empty handed. BT destroyed the Purple’s posting a 3-0 Group record. BT outscored the Purple’s 83-0 and secured the overall number 1 seed and along with Green Majik won the Defensive MVP medal.


The Wrath of the Buttons All Star


Gave us a Bama Tecmo(NFC) vs Julz(AFC) match up. Although the game was almost exactly the same in passing yards and rushing yards, Bama Tecmo would win big as Julz decided not to ever punt in the game leaving BT a short field to work with he did take advantage winning 30-14 and taking home the a vintage unopened box of 1990 NFL score cards.(which surprising was the envy of the tournament)


Wrath of the Buttons Tap Off Tournament


The WOB Tap Off consisted of a field of 12. The final four seen Cricket vs Trent Tracker and Bama Tecmo vs. Josh Abernathy. Track took down Cricket 4-2 as Abernathy took down BT in Tap 7.

Now it was time for Track and Abernathy after they FINALLY decided they took  pick a run play on offense and a defensive play on defense the tapping got started. J Track jumped out to a 2-0 start but Abernathy quickly tied it up 2-2. Track would go on to win the first ever SETA Tap Off 4-2. Track said he wanted to give a special thanks to Chris Vogt in helping him improve his tapping skills


Tournament Time


Bryant Laney dominated the Kyle Clifton Bracket after going 1-2 with the Purple’s. Bryant is new to tournament play attending the Magic City Meltdown last month. Laney drew a tough group with the Purples having to play Bama Tecmo and Josh Abernathy(who is on his way to becoming a force in SETA)

Laney said he doesn’t get to play man vs man much and is looking forward to becoming the newest member of the online world. He went on to say “ from the start of the day to the end of the day I have improved more than I ever thought was possible” Laney is a good guy and a fun tournament player to be around. He is quit knowledgeable of the game but his lack of experience has limited his success thus far but he will be right up there very soon.



The Tommy Kane Elite Bracket


This was by far the toughest bracket the SETA has seen since its birth in earlier this year. The Field



A.Bracket Eddie Eyefull(Elite Four member NATSB 2013) against Al Burns(Elite Four member NATSB 2013/3rd Place QB Bills medal winner 2013) the 1 seed in A Bracket Bama Tecmo


Eddie Eyefull and Al Burns would meet again in SETA tournament play with Eddie taking BUF and Burns taking GIA. This game went back and forth and would not disappoint. Eddie was up 10-7 with 50 seconds to go. Burns has a 4th and goal from the 2 and decided not to play for OT. The ball was snapped and Burns won a tap off on the 1 yard line to go up 14-10. Eddie now has one play for greatness. The ball was thrown then JJ was complete but it was not to be as Eddie would come up 20 yards short of the end-zone. Burns wins 14-10


Burns(NO) vs. Bama Tecmo(PIT) Bama wins 17-7 but not without a fight. The game was in question all the way to the end. Bama was up 10-7 with 2 minutes to go and took a kickoff to the hizzle to secure his Elite Four appearance.



B. Bracket gave us Cricket(Magic City Champion) vs. Luke Ray(SETA Rookie and Trent Tracker Protégé) with Julz(Trent Trackers other Protégé) the 1 seed. Luke and Cricket had the game of the night in another BUF vs GIA match up and the new rule change would indeed come into play. This game went back and forth and thanks to an extra point being blocked Cricket was hanging on to a 14-13 lead with a minute to play and Luke has the ball and driving. Luke drives down to the 30 yard line and is lining up for the game winning FG. The ball is snapped and the FG is good as the arrow is perfectly place but LT would have none of it and blocked it secure the victory for Cricket.

Now we have the rematch everyone has been waiting on !!! Julz vs. Cricket … I have noticed that Tecmo players are very friendly to each other for the most part unlike many gamers who play Madden were tournaments generally consist of for lack of a better word assholes. The Tecmo world seems to have an unspoken agreement for our community to be respectful. Although Julz and Cricket both have been very respectful to each other on and off the field you get the sense that deep down they just don’t like each other’s Tecmo-self. Making this naturally born rivalry game even more fun to watch and when they play EVERYONE is watching. Cricket loves the RAMS and he got Julz in the Magic City Meltdown to “bite” with a RAMS vs. TB match-up. Julz said before the tournament “Me and Track have practiced a lot before this tournament and I don’t care if Cricket picks RAMS vs RAI, I will not give him the RAMS again”

Cricket wins the toss

Julz(RAMS) vs. Cricket(RAI) Julz scores early in this one to take a 7-0 lead but Cricket quickly answers to tie the game 7-7. Cricket would play great defense and get back the ball but a fumble would lead to 65 yard dive by Julz and he now leads 14-7. The game would go back and forth until Cricket tied the game 14-14 at the end of the 3rd. Mid way through the 4th quarter Julz had a 4th and 8 from the 30 and decided to kick a FG to go up 17-14. Cricket would have one last drive to win or tie the game. Cricket would use Right A run to get to the 50 yard line. Julz would play great defense to hold Cricket to one last play from the 50. Cricket drops back and throws a perfectly and I mean perfectly timed pass 50 yards and induced a JJ from his WR in the endzone. Now its time for the CLASSIC cut scene that ended the game. Crickets WR jumps up and Julz defender jumps up. As the entire field watches in what seems like an extended cut scene Julz comes down with the INT to move to his first ever Elite Four.



C. Bracket included Trent Tracker vs. Zac Nixon and the 1 seed Green Majik. Tracker would crush Nixon with MIN vs WASH 39-0 and the first ever match up of Trent Tracker(RAMS) vs. Green Majik(DAL) awaited. Trent would take down Majik in a defensive master piece 30-10 and complied 176 rushing yards in the game. Track said “In the last two tournaments I have dominated Group Play only to be seriously Tecmo’d in tournament play so yeah I wanted this Elite Four more than anything the only problem is now I have got to play Julz and we know each other’s game so well whoever catches the breaks will surely win the game.”



D. Bracket Z-Dub(KC) vs. Josh Abernathy(CHI) with Seth Silverblatt the 1 seed. Josh Abernathy edges out 20 year old Z-Dub who is new to not only to tournament play(been to all three 2013 SETA’s tournaments) but new to TSB playing his first game ever in January 2013. Z-Dub holds the lead until the second half and a late drive by Abernathy moves him to the mighty SS. In fact Seth you may have a new Tecmo nickname The Might SS. So The Mighty SS and Abernathy who needs a nickname if his play keeps improving like it has but it was not to be as The Mighty SS edges out Abernathy in a thriller 14-7. Wished I had more details but wasn’t able to watch the game.


Final Four – “The Tale of Two Atlanta’s”

Bama Tecmo(ATL) vs Seth Silverblatt(CLE)

Julz vs Trent Tracker



Game 1 :


Bama Tecmo started out with a small lead on Seth 3-0 but Seth’s running game would eventually get him the lead 7-3 before the half. Seth’s defense and ATL’s lack of defense was a big factor in the second half of the game. Seth would go on to win the game 24-10 to end Bama Tecmo’s run in the Wrath of Button’s. After the game I talked with Bama Tecmo and he said he will never pick ATL again in tournament play. (Sorry I don’t have more details as I was in game)



Game 2:


Tracker wins the toss and chooses PHX vs. ATL which Julz fully expected and Julz took ATL. Julz quickly drives down and gets a FG to go up 3-0 but Trent would march 90 yards down the field to take a 7-3 lead which would stand until half-time. Julz would pick Tracks play two straight times to start the 3rd to put Track in a 3rd and long the 3rd down pass was just out of reach of Green and Track was forced to punt. Julz would use his running game to move the ball down the field and on a 3rd and 15 from the 50 Julz would pick Right A Run but little did he know so did Track. The play was busted and against all odds Rozier channels Bo Jackson to get the first down and the drive continues. Julz would complete back to back CC’s against Young to keep the drive going the most damaging was 10 yard pass from the 20 on a 4-5 which would lead Julz to a 1 yard touchdown run to take a 10-7 lead to end the 3rd.

The 4th quarter starts with Tracker on the 15 yard-line and running the ball well. 1st and 10 from the 30 Track breaks a big one as Julz gets to aggressive on a run play up the middle and off goes the Track Attack for a 45 yard run, unfortunately the play ended with a fumble and Julz gets the ball back and quickly made his way back to the 50 yard-line. Tracker would play great defense on first down and picked Julz play on 2nd which give Julz a 3rd and 18. Julz picks pass play as did Track and nothing was open so he goes deep. Tracker picked McDonald and ran to the pass standing there was Young on the 1 yard. McDonald and Young both standing still along with a ATL WR not Rison and the CC was completed. Julz would go on to victory 17-7 in a well played game by both players. PHX did not have one INT in the game and allowed a total of 4 CC’s in the contest. After the game Julz said “I was happy to win but didn’t want to win like that” Trent Tracker said “I am very happy with the way I played this tournament and I am glad to go out the way I did cause I wouldn’t have changed one thing I did in the game I just got out played and I couldn’t be happier for Julz deserved it”



The Finals

Julz(DEN) vs Seth(SD)



Julz jumps out to a quick 10-0 lead and Seth seemed not to have an answer for Julz running attack. Then comes The Mighty SS and at the end of the half Seth drops back deep and gets lucky with a 70 yard JJ on the 10 as Julz would be out tapped at the end of the half making it a 10-7 game. Seth would come out and take serious advantage of Julz two untimely fumble’s both giving Seth a very short field the game quickly went from 10-7 deficit to a 21-10 lead. Julz could not get anything going in the second half with Elway in BAD condition and a late INT gave afforded Seth another scoring drive as The Might SS takes his 2nd SETA Title of the 2013 season and secured his #1 ranking in SETA for 2013.

Founder of the SETA Trent Tracker has this to say about Seth Silverblatt “Seth is a great guy to be around and has done a great job helping us grow Tecmo in the south. He is an outstanding player and we wish him the best as he travels to Ohio in July for the MWTecmo Tournament.”



the best tradition's start by simple acts .. Green Majik broke out cookies during the Championship game and jokingly said "anyone want a championship cookie?" .. a tradition was born 


also a special thanks to my mom for making us her chicken salad it is the best in the world 

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Nice write up Track, I guess I can hang my hat on the fact that Seth's only loss in tournament play was to me in the Magic City Meltdown........not that it has gotten me a championship or anything  LOL. With that said it seems like this was the most competetive tournament so far. I will be attending the Current Roster SWLA in Lake Charles later this summer and this fall I might organize a tourney myself to keep the competitive juices flowing, so BgBoud, Ashman, BayouBoy(Chad), and the SETA crew keep those schedules open for the Swamp Bowl I later this fall!!!!


2014 Tecmo Tournament trips:


SETA Championship - January

Madison - March

SWLA - late April/early May

Mud Bowl????? - June (I can only hope for this one) :-D

Midwest - July


The 5 tournaments that have my interest, not to mention the other few that might pop up near me!!!

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I appreciate the write up very much, Track. It will be great to look back years from now and remember what a blast we had in Cullman. For some of us, maybe it will serve as motivation as soon as January. 

I'll be ready next time. It seems I have a new 'rival.' ;-) 

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:) ... yes but Eddie will be gunning for revenge next time .... I've already got a name for another 2014 Open after the January Championship called "Revenge of the Buttons"


Love the name!!! SETA  is on growing more with each event. Great job as always

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