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Thunderdome V - Tecmo Bowl Tournament

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1st Place: JoeyGats

2nd Place: JustinPeters

3rd Place: TBD

4th Place:  TBD


*Tournament Size: 31 Players



Thunderdome V - Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament


Single Elimination:http://challonge.com/TecmoMadness


Tecmo Madison Rules: please review them here as they differ from tpc with the use of DL and LB1 on field goals


To determine who picks their team first please load any two player preseason game and run the coin toss. The winner is home and picks their team first from the assigned tier. Then perform a soft reset in nestopia and game on!


Each round you select your teams from a different tier. This helps spread the match-ups around to all the teams in tecmo. Please upload to TPC and post the link here in this thread. Feel free to leave a brief recap as well. GL


Tier 1: 49ers, HOU, BUF, GIA, RAI
Tier 2:PHI, KC, MIN, CHI , DET
Tier 5:ALT, PHX, NO, SEA, GB

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Thunderdome V - Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

Thunderdome continues... Awesome!! The 5th installment. Who will run Tecmotown???


I think some proper introductions are in order... Shall I????





Rod Woodson started the Thunderdome so it shall return.

As is the rules of Thunderdome, two men enters, one man leaves.




Who will run Tecmotown? For now Daboys runs Tecmotown.


Dr. Dealgood: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dyin' time's here.





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I need you and your brothers make contact info posts before I can officially sign you up for TTS II.

Complete with aim, email, and best times to play please.

And what state are you in? Wisconsin? What country is Gridiron in again? Tell me over there or find me on aim. Clarkhamilton1

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Bro. Killin me. There is a tournament league on this site. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/336-tecmo-tournament-series/

Why do you continue to do this? Just give me your suggestions and I'll run them over there. Let's not water shit down.

Is there anything you don't get butthurt about?

In, also

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Okay, so not at 9am nor any time throughout my day do I pay it any mind, but at 1:30 in the morning I might wonder wtf...because I thought we were boys. What's your problem, or is this you trying to be cool? Kind of showing your age here, my man.

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