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HSTL 23 Bowl - (tadaos vs regulator) - Recap

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Buf vs SF - Video is on the phile


Buf starts out with the ball and combines short runs with a long pass to punch it in for the 7-0 lead.


SF gets the ball and does some dip and dunking of their own making their way to the Buf ~5. In the process, MVP runner up QB Ware gets hurt. 4th and 3, gut check time. Bubby gets stopped micrometers short of the marker. Buf ball.


Buf gets daring on their next possession on 4th and 5. R+A results in a 2 yard gain (duhh 5 - 2 = no first down?)


SF makes short work of the short field and punches it in for the 7-7 tie with ~1:50 to go in the half.


Buf QB Stevie Y tries to imitate his teacher only to realize that garbage 38 int DB's can still pick him off. SF ball.


SF kicks the FG with time running out to go up 10-7 at half.


SF gets ball at half and passes its was to a TD going up 17-7.


Buf puts together a nice drive consisting of a long run and long pass mixed in with short gains to pull back within reach of 17-14.


SF goes ~70 yards in 4 R+A plays to go ahead 24-14 with ~2:30 to play.


Buf QB is very flustered now as he can't throw the ball in a straight line resulting in a T.O


SF QB Bubby gets jump picked on the 5 by DB Young.


Buf turns it over on downs one last time for the GG


Final 24-14 Regulator. Great game Tadaos


49ERS HSTL BOWL SEASON XXIII CHAMPS. Good season everyone GL next year

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Congrats to you both on great seasons and to me and kamp for having each of your QBs this yr!

I noticed that too. I have GRay and Ware, you have Young, Baker, and Lonnie YOung.

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congrats kyle well played.  it was a great game i had my chances early to go up before halftime but an ill timed pick really set me back and once you were up by 10 it was an impossible hill to climb.  see you next season for the rematch!

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