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NFC Championship -- PHX @ SF

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Well....we talked about recording it.  We even created the file to record it.  But apparently we didnt do something right, because it didnt record.  Sorry.....you missed out on a good one.



Recap 1:


I had the long angle pass to Irvin for 60 or so yards on the first drive.  I capped it to go up 7-0.  Gray rammed it down my throat to tie it at 7.  I drove it down and got a big run from Anderson, and ended up going up 14-7.  Gray rammed it down my throat and I choked on a 3rd and 13.  Ware capped it with a Kyle trademark "I am grappling with someone, and I hit A so fast mulitple players will bounce off me" TD, 14 up.  Rypien had one last heave...but it was 6 yards short....and on target...14 at half.


SF took almost the entire 3rd quarter to get inside the PHX 10.  A 3rd and goal "doink" to a wide open Sammie Smith makes SF settle for a FG....17-14.  PHX goes 3 plays and backwards 5 yards....4th and 15 form the PHX 15....you would go for it....I punted.  I made the right call.  SF gets one 1st down, and gets stopped...and has to punt it back.  PHX uses a nifty Gary Anderson run to get into FG range.  Whoever my horribad kicker is doinks it in from 50 yards out....and then SF almost runs the kickoff back for a TD....almost....17s in OT.


SF wins the toss.  SF grinds it down field, taking up over 3 mins, and eventually breaking the PHX D for good with an 8 yard Sammie SMith TD run.



Recap 2:


Kyle and I forget whose turn it is to win.  Unfortunately, Gats isn't keeping track for us anymore.  So we decide to start over.  Kyle wins the flip, so he wins first.

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