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Tecmo Hack Setter Java Program

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Okay I added more to this program which lets you set various hacks via a menu. Right now I have 19 coded in. I'm still missing some easy ones as well as some complex ones that I will add and update soon. I'm going to attach the source for this in case anyone wants to modify or add specific hacks. 







MAIN PROGRAM: TecmoHackSetter.zip


JAVA SOURCE FILES: sourcefiles.zip


-= You must have Java installed to launch the application! - Download here: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/index_installing.xml =-



The source files are organized as follows


hacksetter_main.java - The main program. The menus and  are set up in this file


Hacks.java- All of the dialogs for the hacks are in this file. Some simply turn the hack on and let the user know what they just did


readorWriteToRom.java - contains the methods to select the rom, write the hacks, the logic for which hacks to write, as well the actual bytes to be written for each hack




Current hacks added



1. Set Quarter Length

2. Set Quarter Coutndown Rate

3. Set Number of Downs for First

4. Set Yardage for First



5. KR returns at actual speed

6. Change kickoff position

7. Add touchbacks to kickoffs


8. Change max FG length

9. Change FG arrow Speed

10. Change FG arrow distance

11. Change Punt Length



12. Turn on Preseason Injuries

13. Change Injury Rate



14. Change Loft of Snap 

15. Change Speed of Snap

16. Change Loft of Pitch

17. Change Speed of Pitch



18. Faster Interception Returns

19. Overtime must have a winner

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I haven't been able to check this out yet, but I'm sure it's awesome. Great stuff, Bruddog. When I do check it out, will you mind if I reformat the text in your first post? I'd like to make it tb-org-centric, and add some screenshots of the program itself and whatnot. Again, GREAT stuff.

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It's on the list. Anyone feel free to post your favorite hacks you would like to see and I'll work on them first.  Pretty much anything in the main hacking link thread will likely make it in at some point. 

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How about making the minimum kickoff distance longer? Every kickoff in the NFL seems to be roughly between the 10 yard line and the back of the endzone, but the shortest kickoff in Tecmo only goes to about the 30 yard line. This is mainly for MAN vs CPU because the CPU always kicks it short.

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I will add that to the list.

How would people like the COM juice hack to work? To keep it simple I was thinking of 2 choices.

Set all juice levels to one setting. (Choose setting from current possible settings)

Start season at X juice level. This would basically mean you would hit the maximum juice sooner

If before 8-0 vs 0-8 was max juice now it could be that 4-0 vs 0-4 is max juice or however soon you want to hit it.

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this is great man! keep the hacks coming.  Can you apply the new "QB throws to open reciever hack"?

please add this and be able to change the year that appears after you win superbowl.

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First of all, amazing program.  Great work so far.  We have needed a program like this for a long time.


I did however notice a glitch with the faster INTs Hack.  I'm assuming you are using Quickness now for speed on INTs and Fumble returns....


I used that hack and about week 4 with the eagles, someone fumbled and when the computer picked it up, the screen shot forward about 30 yards and everyone was teleparted there...immediatly, the guy that picked it up started running and must have had about 121MS, because he was flying.


Then in the next week, I threw a pick (first of the season) and when the guy intercepted it, the screen jumped and everyone was out of bounds.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Also, with your touchback hack, does the kicker kick it shorter now, becuase the computer keeps kicking to my 15 yard line and I keep running it back.  Ususally the computer will get a few deep ones back there where I am returning on the very very back of the end zone.


Have you experienced the same?


I would also love to see the PA/PC hack installed on this program


Great program!  Keep up the good work.

Edited by philleyOphish

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Philly thanks for posting that. I went and looked at the code and I had the int return hack starting at the wrong place so its completely wrong! 


I don't think the touchback hack does anything to the kickoff distance but I never tested it fully. 

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This sounds like a great tool . . . but, how do I use it?  I don't have Java installed on my computer; nor, do I intend to due to its security issues.


You are answering your own question then. No java, no app.

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