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NFL Shield in Intro sequence

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Can anyone tell me how the NFL Shield in the Intro sequence works.  I want to change it to an NCAA logo I have on the Main menu.  Does this have to be the same as the midfield logo.  I've looked at the hex address and messed around with it but all I've been able to do is move tiles around.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'll attach my rom.

NCAA 2013_2.nes

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Trying to explain this quickly but the logo can be anything.


x123A5 gives basic info about the design


What you'll be interested in is

F6 18 19 0F 1D sets the CHR Tile Banks (0F 1D would be the tiles to the logo)

F8 44 3F sets the Y and X position on the screen

F3 8A F6 sets the pointer to the logo design


x12B06 is the logo design

90-9F 80-8F = Set the column

20-5F = Set the row and palette (20 is row 1 palette 1, 21 is row 1 palette 2, 22 is row 1 palette 3, 23 is row 1 palette 4, 24 is row 2 palette 1...)

60-7F = is the same as 20-5F but horizontal inverts the tile

A0-BF = Set new address (A0 00 = $A000, BF FF = $BFFF)

C0-DF = Set new address and store return (C0 00 = $A000, DF FF = $BFFF)

FC = Following tiles: 00 Vertically invert, 2F-28 shift upward, 20-27 shift downward, 3F-38 shift leftward, 30-37 shift rightward

FD = Skip next byte

FE = Return to Address

FF = End


The design will be in a format like COLUMN ROW TILE# ROW TILE# COLUMN ROW TILE# END

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