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Season 23 Wild Card Cowboys vs Rams

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OK real recap here. Game started out with Dallas receiving, then getting a 1st from Rozier. Had a sense toolie knew I was gonna run heavy so I called a pass play and yeah everyone was wide open, but of course I throw it where Krieg's noodle arm can't outrace Carrier and luckily avoid the idiot pick. Rozier busts a big one and then Krieg lofts one over Carrier to Monk for the score. The Rams take no time to move it down and knock on the door, but the Cowboys smoke and mirrors defense forces a 4th and 5 FG attempt. 7-3 Dallas.


Cowboys matriculate to their own 40 but Krieg flushed out of the pocket fumbles it, thankfully OOB. Toolie then picks the ext 2 plays, run 3 and pass 3 to force a 4th and 16. Well it's put up or shut up time. I drafted RiceKrieg for a reason and this is one of those times. Krieg takes the shotgun snap and since the play isn't picked, he drops back to his own 20 and moonballs it downfield. Well old Mudbone found magic in the air tonight! The ball is over Carrier's head and hits Jerry in stride with Mike Prior standing right there, but Jerry doesn't stop, he just keeps running it and Carrier dives futilely at the goal line. Yes, He Threw it to Jerry! 14-3 Cowboys. HUGE PLAY!


Toolie is no slouch, and immediately answers with a big Hershel in Good run to midfield, quick pass to Sanders to the 30, CC TD to Steve Jordan to immediately cut it to 14-10. Cowboys have some time though, and Rice is left to run free, but time and the approaching defenders led me to decide to run OOB and take a FG shot from the 10. 17-10 Cowboys with Rams getting the ball to start half 2.


Saving grace in the 2nd half for Dallas was Reasons and Rufus Porter went into Good, Porter even Excellent in the 4th. Hershel starts half 2 with a dive up the middle for 70 yards to the 7. Reasons stops Boomer's scramble and then Martin Bayless sacks Boomer, then a picked play leads to a big 4th and goal from the 10. Run 3 is picked and I take control of DB 4 Frank Minnifield, but it's his tandem CLE DB buddy Raymond Clayborn that makes a HUGE PLAY, drone catching Hershel at the 1 as Minnifield comes in to secure the TO on downs.


1st and 10 at my own 1 and I can't get anything going. as Krieg is able to scramble for some space on 1st down, but a picked play 2nd down and a Mecklenburg rush that bats down the RiceKrieg attempt forces me to punt and boy does Jim Arnold deliver a beauty to the 20 that is only returned 3 yards.


Boomer goes right to work, deep ball CC running to Sanders to the Red Zone. Pepper stifles a Hershel dive attack, and then Gary "I have my" Reasons hurries back to defend the quick strike to Ricky Sanders in the end zone and he comes away with the ball!


Dallas goes in to ball control mode, mixing Rozier runs with Mudbone dumpoffs Finally finishing it off with a Mudbone (in Bad mind you) skedaddle diagonally just across the goal line in front of the man defender for the 24-10 lead with 2 minutes and change left. Cowboys force the Rams to use some time just to get to midfield where Boomer realizes he needs to go long, which he does, hurling it over 3 Cowboys defenders finding Sanders in stride in the promised land. Enough time for an onsides and chuck miracle, but the onsides is handled by Rozier to close out the game.


VGG Toolie, Thanks for playing tonight and best of luck in season 24 and beyond.


Cowboys advance to take on their nemesis, coach Ones11fahzu and the Phoenix Cardinals who swept them in dominating fashion and made a late run to take the 1st round playoff bye from the Cowboys.




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That was a great one to watch, thanks for the video.  Couple plays that went Dallas way-- the first 2 TDs (one on 4th) it appeared Carrier might be in position to jump and deflect the passes but he didn't for whatever reason, just barely out of position I suppose...  And the goal line stoppage at like the 1inch line, that was wild!  And for the Rams, Ricky Sanders was out of his mind in this game...  If you told me HE was Rice I would have believed it, that was an insane performance.  All in all a great game, well played by both teams.

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