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League Leaders (regular season)

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Our systems are down at work so I thought I'd give a quick rundown of the top 2 in some important categories and other individual stats of note. Since not everyone on this website can see the dynastyphile site for themselves and it's just nice to recognize these guys for doing well (stats wise anyway). Keep in mind also that not all games were completed, but most were.



Moon/DEN 3501
QB Bills/PHI 2021


TD Passes:
Marino/NE 35
Ware/SF 33


Completion %:
Tolliver/PIT 66%
Ware/SF 65%


QB Rating:
Tolliver/PIT 137.2
QB Browns/GIA 135.6



Butts/TB 2179
Okoye/CHI 2157


B. Sanders/SEA 13.3
Okoye/CHI 11.7


Okoye/CHI 30
Brooks/CLE 30


Flipper/DEN 50

Duncan/DET 50


Rison/KC 2051
Flipper/DEN 1945


TD Catches:
Rison/KC 23
Hill/IND 23



Seau/CHI 13
Hackett/PIT 12
Al Smith/IND 12


Browner/CHI 11
Johnson/TB 11


Random stuff:

Muster/IND lead the league with 3 kickoff return TDs, Haddix/KC & Ickey/NYJ each had 1 and so did James Wilder/SF.  Wow, wouldn't have guessed him. 

Nobody ran any punts back this season.

Tim Mcyer/NE had the only INT return TD all season.

Bruce Smith/HOU led the D-line in sacks with 9.

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Andre Ware with 33 TD passes and Tolliver leading the league in completion % are both amazing to me, not sure I could do that vs the CPU.

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